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PressOn gets creative

PressOn gets creative

Large format digital printing specialist PressOn has reported that the new applications and productivity levels achievable with the HP Latex R-series printer, which has been upgraded for 2020, have been impressive.

PressOn also opined that the additional functionality offered by HP’s updated Latex R-series printer is facilitating ‘great results’ on new materials and with new applications, and added that the upgrade to the 2020 edition was undertaken ‘painlessly and effectively’.

Originally founded 20 years’ ago, Kent-based PressOn has been using HP Latex systems since around 2009, hence the company’s strong relationship with HP and its increasingly diverse project portfolio. Recently, this has included Moncler’s pop-up store at Harrods, an exhibition with renowned photographer Perou and the launch campaign for the Kia Xceed.

PressOn installed the HP Latex R-series in April 2019 primarily for sustainability reasons. Managing Director Andy Wilson explained: “We are strongly focused on reducing our environmental impact, partly in order to appeal to a new generation of socially conscious customers, but also for the benefit of our staff.

“HP Latex inks, which are 70 percent water, are also UL ECOLOGO-certified and have low VOC levels that have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD certification for unrestricted coverage. In addition, the cardboard packaging we use is recyclable, and the whole machine can be returned to HP at the end of its life to be recycled. I also like the fact there is no need for expensive extraction methods – we don’t get any unpleasant odours from the machine or excessive heat so it works really well and helps to provide a pleasant working environment for our staff.”

HP introduced the Latex R-series 2020 edition in June, providing users such as PressOn with greater material and application flexibility. Updates include white ink as standard on the new R1000, better durability when used in conjunction with Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) and acrylic, superior colour accuracy with tiling mode, and improved productivity with the ability to print more boards per hour. Furthermore, HP also introduced two new applications for the R-series: thermoforming and speciality packaging.

Andy continued: “We have had some great results with the thermoforming facility – the inks on R-series are super flexible, which means that we have been able to achieve some stunning results on PVC and PETG.

“The use of white ink on window film has helped us to achieve some really impressive results, especially when creating graduated tones. The level of gloss is fantastic, with no yellowing over time, and I really like the way the colours print onto the clear film as well, as the ink is transparent, unlike the frosted effect you usually get with other technologies and ink types.”

During the current period of socially distanced working, along with the growing demand for a next-day turnaround, PressOn has also found that the machine’s ability to print even the most complicated jobs unattended is a huge advantage. As a user of PrintOS, HP’s print operating system, PressOn can automate production, optimise operations, monitor systems and consumables and much more, all remotely.

Andy observed: “We use PrintOS daily and it’s great. I especially like the fact that we can print rolls of polyester film with white ink overnight. We couldn’t run our previous printer unattended as some of the hi-res and intricate files need to run on a quite a high pass rate – but it doesn’t matter so much when you don’t have to be here to watch it.”

HP presented its Latex R-series updates in a number of webinars in June, with the recording now available to download and watch again via the HP Virtual Booth.

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