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Print with the pink hippopotamus!

Print with the pink hippopotamus!


Building a memorable brand is a challenge, but with its signature pink hippopotamus, Wakefield-based Hippoprint has a head-turning corporate identity that’s as strong as its product.

With a portfolio that encompass everything from traditional business stationery and leaflets, through to stickers, pull up banners and T-shirts, Hippoprint’s wide format capabilities are matched with an absolute guarantee of next day delivery, which is why the company’s owner, Anthony Wood, is to committed to investing in the right equipment. Currently in the midst of a program of replacing Hippoprint’s printer line-up with Mimaki solutions, Anthony was particularly interested in gaining a sneak preview of the new JV400-160SUV when he recently visited Mimaki’s UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services with reseller Granthams.

Hippoprint1The machine had only just arrived in Hybrid’s showroom, but so impressed was Anthony that he ordered one on the spot!

Explaining his enthusiasm, he said: “By becoming the first UK print company to install a 1.6m JV400-SUV, we can ensure that we stay at the forefront of the rapid turnaround sector.”

The Mimaki JV400-SUV offers a substantial colour gamut, unique glossy print and a highly durable finish, all of which are perfect for the kind of work that Anthony envisages Hippoprint producing. He said:  “We frequently supply high colour posters and pull up banners with large ink loads, but it can be a real challenge to finish them the same day. However, the SUV enables us to print and send within a matter of minutes and with 95 percent of our orders coming late in the afternoon, it takes a little bit of the pressure off.”

Now employing over 20 staff, Hippoprint, which was first formed in 2009 when Anthony, having previously rescued another print business some five years ago, was invited to create a web-to-print setup from the ashes of a business. With web design skills in house, Hippoprint invested heavily in a bespoke back end and began to build a brand that’s unique in the UK print sector.  Anthony opines:  “None of our competitors has Hippoprint’s structure and approach to business, as very few people really understand the value of integrated marketing, which is what we try to practice.”

Retaining customers can be a test for any online business, but Anthony has loyal customers who have bought into his ethos. He said: “We’re here to provide the absolute best service for our customers, so we’ll do crazy things to ensure it happens, whether that means meeting customers’ trains with boxes of business cards as they travel through railway stations, or swapping unused stocks of obsolete paper for homemade cake with local artists and schools!”  And it certainly seems to be a commitment that’s paying off. An order from Kensington Palace appeared in his Anthony’s inbox recently, thus proving that a combination of great customer reviews and a significant investment in marketing goes a long way towards gaining the royal seal of approval!

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