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The problem solver

The problem solver

Reputedly Europe’s largest distributor of solid-state LED lighting products, Vink Lighting Solutions was approached with a particularly complex project that required all of its expertise.

A Hungarian sign manufacturer and aluminium fabricator was given the task of manufacturing and installing a large animated Rubiks Cube to mark the 40th anniversary of its invention by a prominent Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture. This particular cube was to be installed as part of a new recreational area situated near Budapest.

The cube was manufactured from three-millimetre opal acrylic face panels and measured 2100 x 2100 x 2100mm overall. Each face was sub-divided into nine 650 x 650mm squares, each of which was covered in one of six different colours of translucent vinyl and each colour was illuminated independently by a different coloured LED module, which was required to flash on and off in a seemingly random sequence.

2014-10-19-17.51The technical department at Vink had to first decide which LED system should be used and which colour would provide the optimum level of illumination when viewed through the translucent vinyl, The saturated colours (red, blue and green) were best illuminated by their respective LED equivalents, but white, yellow and orange each required the warm white LED to ensure that they were as vibrant as the saturated colours.

Vink opted for the GE Tetra MiniMAX range of LED modules that were chosen for their inherent reliability and longevity. The wide range of colour options, including four different shades of white, made it the clear choice for this particular application. Each separate square was illuminated with 20 LED modules, making a total of 1080 modules for the complete installation.

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