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Promising a perfect finish

Promising a perfect finish

On stand J60, Awltech PFE will demonstrate machines from its flame polishing, heat bending and edge bevelling solutions for processing plastic sheet used in the sign and display industry.

To mark its 25th Anniversary, the company will be offering attractive discounts on a limited number of its HRK heat bending machines for the duration of the show.

Making its UK debut will be a new Diamond Edge Beveller. This will deliver a clear polished and bevelled edge to plastic sheet up to a thickness of 100mm. One of the key attributes of this machine is that whereas similar top-of-the-range diamond edge bevellers require time to set up and operate, this new machine requires only a few seconds.

Awltech will also demonstrate its original and hugely popular flame polisher. This requires no gas and runs on distilled water to enable a high-quality polished finish to be achieved on plastic sheet up to a thickness of 10mm in one pass. Also to be shown will be three heat benders from the company’s range of six options, together with the EF 200 table top-mounted Diamond Edge Polisher.

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