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Regenerating business growth with an AXYZ CNC router from AAG

Regenerating business growth with an AXYZ CNC router from AAG
In the wake of the near-catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses generally will be looking for ways to reduce costs whilst maintaining quality and customer support.

Contingent upon this, an investment in a CNC router represents a versatile and cost-effective solution to achieving these objectives for all those operating within the sign, graphics and digital printing sectors. Based on a price-to-performance ratio, a CNC router remains one of the most powerful and financially compelling capital equipment investments currently available.

A global pioneering force in the advancement of CNC routing, cutting and engraving technology, AAG has for the past 30 years supplied some of the most technically advanced machines, many of which have attained virtual benchmark status. In the UK, these are available from AAG’s state-of-the-art assembly and distribution centre in Telford, Shropshire.

AAG’s pre-eminence in the CNC routing/cutting systems supply chain is largely attributable to the long-standing and robust business partnerships forged with its customers, many of which have used AAG continuously as the primary source of CNC machinery based on build quality, reliability and the raft of additional production-enhancing machine upgrades and wide-ranging customer support facilities available. Collectively, these are at the heart of everything AAG and its primary AXYZ power brand represents.

The latest AXYZ Infinite multi-purpose large-format and the smaller-format Innovator CNC routing/cutting systems typically embody all of these attributes, whilst also providing complementary but distinctive price-to-performance capabilities. They are available in two different sizes and price points to accommodate every conceivable CNC machining requirement and variable capital equipment investment allocation.

Apart from providing a staggering 366,918 different machine configurations, AXYZ routers can be supplied with a raft of both standard and optional machine enhancements. These include the AXYZ ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system for work requiring multiple tools and the AXYZ Auto Zone Management facility that ensures the material being processed is held securely during the routing/cutting process to enable optimum accuracy and a superior routed/cut finish. These are supplemented with the latest AXYZ A2MC machine control system that radically reduces ‘bounce’ and vibration caused by sudden machine acceleration/deceleration frequently encountered with less technically-advanced control systems and the AXYZ AVS (AXYZ Vision System) camera-based facility for precise material alignment and routing/cutting accuracy.

Completing the range of production-enhancing upgrades is the latest AXYZ helical rack and pinion drive system. This incorporates a multiple gear teeth configuration that helps spread the workload more evenly, leading to faster material feed rates, quieter machine operation, less material wastage and ultimately a longer than normal machine life.

All machines supplied by AAG are supported with ongoing technical support and comprehensive product training prior to, during and after machine installation. This can be conducted either at AAG’s facility in Telford or at the customer’s own premises.

For further information, visit or telephone 01952 291600.

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