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Relishing a challenge

Relishing a challenge


Uxbridge based Display Signs styles itself as a sign manufacturing company that’s able to undertake practically any sign production challenge that comes its way.

image2-copy-minIt’s a role that suits its capabilities very well, as the company has been around long enough to have ridden every epoch making technical advance the market has seen since the days before computerisation and is now driven by a simple and compelling goal – making quality signs that arrive on time.

Display Signs has some notable blue-chip clients, both in its own locality, as well as further afield and has spent over thirty years accumulating them. Serving the needs of such a client base and maintaining standards of quality, service and creative momentum has dictated ambitious investment planning. Among Display Signs’ latest acquisitions is a Tekcel EXR computerised production routing and knife cutting system, supplied by Complete CNC Solutions.

image3-copy-minDisplay Signs is no stranger to routing technology and in fact, was one of the very first sign and graphic production companies in the UK to install and use such a system.  Its new Tekcel hardware helps it supplement capacity and deliver signs and graphics to a market with a growing appetite for products that combine both printing and routing.

The company has already completed some notable projects with the Tekcel EXR and has used it to pioneer the development of Indicia, its own wayfinding sign system, which uses the TekcelOptiCAM to closely register printed matter to cutting paths. This enables Display Signs to produce the printed panels the system features to the very close tolerances it requires.

In addition to handling the fine detail, the Tekcel EXR also helps Display Signs with its volume production needs as it enables operators to safely handle complex production cutting work as part of a clean and efficient process. Consistency over time is important when dealing with the needs of key accounts and the Tekcel EXR delivers the goods.

image11-copy-minDisplay Signs is a progressive company that invests in the best, in order to produce the best. It prides itself too, on taking a responsible attitude to manufacturing, maximising yields from the materials and resources it uses and minimising waste through recycling and management initiatives. Equipped as it is, it looks to the coming years confident of its future and its place in a growing market.

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