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Responding to market demands

Responding to market demands

For many years, Metamark has both driven and responded to the demands of the vehicle graphics sector by manufacturing and supplying a range of material solutions expressly designed to help graphics producers tackle any vehicle graphics commission with confidence and at profit.

According to Metamark, in spite of the rise of digital print in the broader graphics markets vehicle livery specialists often still favour the simplicity and impact of the output produced by using self-coloured cut and applied materials. Among the most popular materials designed to meet this trend is the Metamark M7 range that is said to exhibit all of the required performance and handling characteristics. It cuts reliably, weeds very easily and, thanks to the integral Apex Adhesive System, is effortless to apply. The film also demonstrates its advanced formulation capabilities when graphics are taken out of commission, with the face film removable without a trace of residual adhesive on the vehicle.

In recent years, colour rangeshave been cut to the bone by many material suppliers but Metamark still manufactures and supplies the entire range of around 80 colours, claiming: ‘If it’s in the swatch, then it’s on the shelves!’

In the field of digital media for vehicle livery applications, the company has again played a pioneering role with the appropriately branded MetaWrap MD-X next-generation and ultra-extensible film solution developed expressly for applications involving complex surfaces. The film is said to elongate to an amazing extent to enhance its conformability, while the print quality is reputed to be exemplary thanks to its MD-Class Metamark manufactured genes.

Metmark reports that MetaWrap MD-X is growing the market for vehicle wraps and the more complex vehicle graphics, thanks to its competitive pricing that enables wraps to be used for short-term promotions, while the product’s technical edge is said to qualify it’s use for long-term high-value vehicle livery projects too.

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