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The rise and rise of the Virtual Assistant

The rise and rise of the Virtual Assistant

The Tensator Virtual Assistant providing advice in King’s Cross

ten_KingsCrossVa-webFollowing the successful introduction of ‘Louise’, its Virtual Assistant, which uses cutting-edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person, into King’s Cross station in 2013,Tensator has recently completed an order from Network Rail for 11 more Virtual Assistants, via its rail partner TEW Plus.

At Kings Cross, Louise has been helpfully advising travellers with heavy, awkward to handle baggage to use the lift rather than the escalator.During a six-week trial, the introduction of Louise saw an increase of over 260 per cent in passengers using the lift. Six further Virtual Assistants have now been placed at various locations throughout King’s Cross to deliver directional and safety messages whenever they detect movement in the immediate area.

Two further units will be introduced at St Pancras within the next two weeks, with a further three units installed at Leeds station helping to improve health and safety. Fully customisable, the Tensator Virtual Assistant brings messages to life and helps engage passengers with consistent and clear directional and safety announcements.

London Bridge and Birmingham New Street stations will be trialing Virtual Assistants very soon.


At the same time, the Grafton shopping centre in Cambridge is getting ready to dazzle shoppers with its own virtual employee, whilst also becoming the first UK shopping centre to utilise the technology.

Tensator’s Virtual Assistant informs shoppers about stores and offers in the Grafton Centre.

Tensator’s Virtual Assistant informs shoppers about stores and offers in the Grafton Centre.

She will be on hand to make visits to the shopping centre easy and enjoyable for shoppers by providing advice, answering common questions and advertising special offers throughout the mall. Previous trials have shown the Tensator Virtual Assistant to increase dwell time by 50 percent and sales of a featured product by up to 75 percent. Although these statistics were measured while the Assistant was alongside the advertised product, it still proves that there is a unique opportunity for retailers to engage with shoppers in a brand new way.

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