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Roland DG Introduces ECO-UVInkfor VersaUV Printers

Roland DG Introduces ECO-UVInkfor VersaUV Printers

Roland DG has introducedEUV4 ECO-UV, an inkspecifically developed for use with itsVersaUV UV-LED inkjet printers.

Available now, ECO-UVink is cured by exposure to UV light enabling Roland DGVersaUV users toprint brilliant colour on an exceptionally wide variety of materials, including paper, film, leather, and rigid materials, such as polyester, ABS, and acrylic.The addition ofaclear ink provides users with the opportunity to producea wide range of unique textures and simulated embossing effects.


In addition to a 220ml cartridge, anew, larger 500ml cartridge has been introducedin response to user requests (white ink is only available in 220ml cartridges). The larger size not onlyaccommodatesmore uninterrupted printing,but also reduces costs.

Roland DG offers a total ofsevendifferent devices in the VersaUV line, including the LEF-20, a benchtop flatbed printer capable of printingon three-dimensional objects up to 508 mm width, 330 mm length, and 100mmin height.

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