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Routers meet Décor

Routers meet Décor

Is there a role for computerised routing and knife cutting hardware in the production of domestic and commercial decor? Complete CNC Solutions says there is…

Many signmakers are now aware of the commercial potential offers by both domestic and commercial interiors. The primary line of interest is drawn from print hardware, straight to walls, where various coverings, now digitally printed, are finding a home. But according to Complete CNC Solutions, for sign companies equipped with the right routing hardware, the application opportunity in the decor sector becomes a far bigger one than printing alone can address.

Routers, opines Complete CNC Solutions’ Julian Sage, cut, carve and engrave all sort of rigid materials, including plastics, wood and metals and do so with ease, speed and unfailing accuracy. However, today’s production oriented routing and knife-cutting production systems do much more besides and are able to knife cut and process a huge variety of flexible and semi-flexible substrates, printed or otherwise, for décor related applications.

One obvious application area is the cutting of printed output in tight register with rigid materials. According to Julian Sage, both the Tekcel and Protek systems available from Complete CNC Solutions are able to take printed output, either in the form of direct printed rigid materials, or flexible films, and then cut in register to the imaged areas very accurately. Distortions inherent in the printed output, however small, are automatically compensated within the cutting systems’ intelligence, so that the operator has little more to do than position the printed sheet and initiate the cutting cycle.

Printed rigid materials can be used in a wide variety of areas within decor. Cosmetic covering for structural elements, such as space dividers or counters, can be fabricated at low cost and the dimensional element, unachievable with print alone, adds value and enhances the attractiveness of the structure.

Illuminated structures can also benefit. Light admitted into the edge of solid acrylic sheets can be used to amplify engraved cosmetic detailing with no obvious energy source. Edge Lighting is a notoriously difficult effect to deliver well, but the Protek Unico TT can turn a difficult job into a profitable decorative application, where the depth of engraved features is critical. Too deep and too much light will flood through the design, too shallow and the reverse applies.

Materials used in decorative edge lighting can vary significantly in thickness and are thus challenging to work with. However, the Unico TT is capable of actively mapping the varying thickness of the material so that the tool that’s used for the cutting operation effectively remains at a constant depth by following the material’s troublesome contours. The result? Beautiful edge-lit decorative panels without a hint of unwanted variation in lighting intensity.

The computerised routing and knife cutting hardware sold and supported by Complete CNC Solutions is as profitably applied to heavy-duty structural work as it is delicate detailing. In terms of complex decorative fabrications, for example, those used in the retail environment, elements achieve a better standard of fit without on-site reworking or costly manual intervention. Once built, a structure is scalable and repeatable. This ensures that decorative display rollouts can proceed without unit-to-unit variations that compromise installation.

The versatility of Complete CNC Solutions’ routing and knife cutting production systems also provide a lot of choice when it comes to return on investment. Given the volume of profitable work the systems readily dispatch, the hourly cost of operating illustrates huge profit potential. In addition Complete CNC Solutions can arrange, through its broker, very accommodating financing options and access to grants that can be processed in surprisingly little time.

Decor is one more production task that can be exploited with the right knife cutting and routing hardware aboard. Complete CNC Solutions will conduct production trials to evaluate the suitability of any materials for processing and application while also demonstrating how to turn the resulting output into profitable business.

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