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Safe and stunning floor graphics

Safe and stunning floor graphics


A range of highly innovative printable vinyl media for short- to medium- term indoor application to virtually all surfaces is available from Amari Digital Supplies.

Manufactured in Switzerland by Asphalt Art International, the media is available in five different formats, each of which has been designed to accommodate specific applications. They are branded as Cat Walk, Clear Walk, Sport Walk, Soft Walk and Lumi Walk and have common as well as individual performance characteristics.

Key advantages of the products emanate from their powerful anti-slip and anti-abrasion qualities, an ability to be easily applied and purposely removed, outstanding flame, chemical and water resistance and, as appropriate, a capability for being cut and formed into multiple shapes using a standard cutting plotter. All of the media can be printed using screen or digital methods involving recommended UV ink technology.  Whilst the products can be used without lamination, liquid lamination would help extend their working life.

Designed for multiple indoor applications involving most building surfaces (including tiles and marble), Cat Walk can be used in most dry as well as wet areas, such as bathrooms, saunas and swimming pools. The product has good chemical resistance and anti-bacterial qualities to attain a high standard of hygiene. The material can be cut into many different shapes and enables impressive 3D effects to be achieved.

As the name implies, Clear Walk is a transparent film for indoor and wet area application and is seen at its best when used for creating special visual effects. It also shares the same anti-bacterial qualities as Cat Walk and, similarly, can be used to create eye-catching 3D effects.

Designed for both indoor and short-term outdoor applications, Sport Walk is a heavily embossed anti-slip vinyl material that has been engineered with a strong adhesive system to achieve a powerful bond with a wide variety of surfaces. As the name suggests, it has a particular appeal for use at sports venues, but is equally effective in street marketing projects.

Soft Walk can be applied as a carpet and is simply rolled out to the desired length. The material consists of polyethylene covered with soft vinyl foam and an anti-bacterial coating. The product is both washable and reusable and meets the performance requirements of Euro-Norm DIN/EN.

Lumi Walk is a self-adhesive luminescent foil incorporating a special non-skid surface coating. It is recommended for indoor applications and provides a striking ‘glow in the dark’ photo-luminescent effect. It is therefore particularly effective in situations where safety may be a major consideration, for example, at discotheques, on boats and in public buildings generally, where there may be reduced ambient light. The material can also be used for eye-catching floor advertising, especially during the winter months.

All of the Asphalt Art International materials are supplied in a range of widths and lengths on fast delivery from ADS and via the Amari Plastics’ branch network.

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