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Safety first

Safety first

APA has expanded its Solar&Safety range with the additon of four new innovative new films.

SF/WI-550 and SF/WI-650 are designed to filter sunlight while also maintaining excellent visibility and illumination.

SF/WI-650, which is specifically designed for application on shop windows, features a special blue hue and high transparency that filters most UV rays, whilst also maintaining excellent illumination inside the store and without distorting the colours of the goods on display.

SF/WI-550 is a light champagne coloured film that is also highly transparent and, in addition to filtering UV rays, it is also extremely efficient at reducing heat.

SF/WX-911 is a self-adhesive reflective film for use on glass, which improves privacy while also providing an aesthetically pleasing  appearance. Thanks to its power of reflectivity, it significantly reduces heat transmission and blocks almost all of the UV rays.

SY/W2-175, which has a Class 1B1 certification, is designed to make glass safer by retaining fragments or splinters in the event of breakage.. In addition to absorbing almost all of the UV rays, it also features an anti-scratchfinish that facilitates cleaning and preserves its transparency over time.


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