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See the new Mimaki CFL605RT flatbed cutter at i-Sub

See the new Mimaki CFL605RT flatbed cutter at i-Sub


i-Sub has earned itself the distinction of becoming the first Mimakireseller to install the new Mimaki CFL605RT flatbed cutter in its showroom, thus enabling real-time demonstrations of the system in conjunction with its own exclusive Digi-Foil digital foiling solution.r.

The new Mimaki CFL605RT flatbed cutter, which is designed as an all-round cutting and plotting system for the production of on-demand packaging prototypes, signage, labels, decals and much more, is  suitable for use with a wide range of substrates, including coated board, soft foam material, synthetic leather, vinyl and PET sheet, to name but a few.

In addition, it also features a creasing and folding option,plusa pen tool for the creation of line drawings.

The system offers a number of options, including a tangential cutting tool for use with PET and similar media, a reciprocating cutting tool for use on thicker materials, an eccentric cutting tool for use with thin substrates, such as coated board or PVC and a creasing roller which facilitates carton creation. Further, it also features a mark-sensor for accurate cutting,a back side cut function for the best front finish, and vacuum and roll holder units to keep the media safely in place.

The Mimaki CFL605RT facilitates the production of high-quality, professional packaging and virtually any other product, depending on the capabilities of the media selected. It is robustly and safely constructed, while also remaining easily transportable and providesa user-friendly work area.

When used in conjunction with the Mimaki UJF-6042 UV-LED inkjet printer and MimakiRasterlink software, the Mimaki CFL605RT cutter offers a complete solution for the creation of original items, especially when i-Sub’s Digi-Foil innovation is also added to the process to facilitatethe creation of special foil effects for packaging prototypes and personalised products that are identical in appearance to those produced by traditional dies and foil presses, but in a fraction of the time.

Users can thus transform their original design inspirations into finished mock-ups in under ten minutes, with significantly less wastethan would be possible when using more traditional methods.

For further information or to book a demonstration of i-Sub’s packaging solution featuring the Mimaki CFL605RT flatbed cutter, Tel: 01536 415511, e-mail or visit:


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