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SENFA’s Sublimis range eliminates ink migration

SENFA’s Sublimis range eliminates ink migration

SENFA, the French-based Technical Substrates division of the Chargeurs Group, will be launching what it claims is a ground-breaking new fabric for both transfer and direct sublimation printing at FESPA 2017, where it will be showing on Stand D10, Hall B7.

The Sublimis range from SENFA Decoprint will open up new possibilities for print businesses that use dye sublimation technology to produce backlit graphics applications.

Commenting on this latest addition to SENFA’s ever-expanding product line, Blaise Humphries, SENFA-Decoprint’s Business Unit Manager, said: “Coated fabrics are generally preferred for backlit applications, as it is acknowledged that they deliver more vivid colours and create a stunning white point thanks to their superior light diffusion. This means that those using either direct-disperse or transfersublimation technology have had to settle for second best when printing onto uncoated media for use with illuminated displays.

“Previously, sublimation printing on to coated media for backlits led to a phenomenon known as ink migration, which describes how, post-printing, the ink tends to migrate to areas on the substrate where it shouldn’t, thus causing disastrous results. However, with Sublimis, ink migration is a thing of the past and users of sublimation technology can now achieve the best possible white point and deliver the punchy colours that only coated media can provide.”

SENFA’s flagship product, Decoprint Pearl, which is designed for use with UV-curing and latex technologies, has been installed in thousands of premium retail and advertising sites worldwide and nowthe equally efficacious Sublimis range provides a go-to solution for direct-disperse/transfer sublimation printers too.

Blaise Humphries continued: “Sublimis is not about replacing Decoprint Pearl, rather it has been introduced to offer more choice. Even though it is coated, Sublimis remains lighter than many of the uncoated textiles typically used for backlits, making it   cheaper to transport and easier to install. The light diffusion is also excellent, thanks to Sublimis’ unique formula, and the range has passed all the necessary fire certification standards for use in indoor applications.”

Devoloped by SENFA-Decoprint’s in-house research and development team in response to customer demand and market trends, Sublimis will initially be launched in two different 3.1 metre wide versions: one for direct-disperse printing, and one for dye-sub transfer printing. The product line will then be further expanded to include widths of up to five metres, thanks to SENFA-Decoprint’s recent investment in a super-wide coating line at its Alsace headquarters.

Blaise Humphries concluded: “From now on, no matter which printing technology they use, our customers will be able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by SENFA’s functionalised fabrics for graphic applications. All our products are made in France and meet the very highest standards; we look forward to further developing our presence across Europe and further afield.”

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