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Sign and Digital 2017 – Adhesives

Eurobond has it taped

eurobond adhesives

Eurobond Adhesives, which provides high performance adhesives, adhesive tapes and other bonding solutions to thousands of signmakers throughout Europe, will be showing on Stand E60.

Stand attractions will include its Penloc range for fast curing structural adhesives that include Penloc1:1, the company’s universally recognised world class adhesive, Penloc VT Plus, its powder coating grade and Penloc 1:1R, which is its non-odour/non-flammable grade that is ideally suited for use in confined spaces where ventilation may be limited, or on site work where COSH regulations may restrict the use of some adhesives.

Penloc will bond just about any material combinations, including most metals and modern composites, such as Dibond and Alucobond. It will also bond most plastics, glass, GRP, rigid PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, Corian, wood, stone, plaster and much more.

Also on show will be Eurobond’s range of acrylic adhesive tapes which offer equivalent, if not better performance, than many leading branded products but at a much more competitive price. Once again, the tapes can be used to bond just about any material combination, including most metals, plastics, glass and modern composites.


Eurobond also offers ClearFix, a clear tape option for applications where an invisible bond line is preferable, for example when clear plastic or glass is used, or where the sign is backlit. In addition,it offers thermally conductive tapes for bonding LED lighting strips, high strength tapes for structural work and masking tapes.

Aclear MS Polymer that offers outstanding clarity, ClearFix is widely used for bonding backlit built up letters as it eliminates shadow areas.

Finally, MultiSeal is a grey high strength flexible adhesive and sealant. It is guaranteed for 40 years and can be used to bond and seal just about any material including metals, plastics, glass and concrete.

Eurobond’s team of technical experts will be on hand to help and advise visitors on the appropriate usage of all of the above products

Admiral has it taped

A999 structured two-part adhesive

On Stand F22, Admiral Tapes will be showing a new and improved version of the A999 structured two-part adhesive and the latest EDGE-It single-sided tape.

The A999 product has been tested and approved for use in powder-coated applications involving paint-bake cycles of up to 260degreesC.  It offers an impressive cure time of approximately 10 minutes and a constant operating temperature of 40-150degreesC, which makes it the adhesive ideal for applications involving long-term outdoor exposure.

The EDGE-It single-sided tape removes the need for traditional double-sided tapes normally required to create a hem on eyeleted banners.

Bond with Innova

Mark Felix Gym
NovaWeld SignFix 8

The specialist supplier of tapes and adhesives for wide-ranging bonding applications, Innova Solutions (Stand H62), and its sister company NovaDURA, will demonstrate the extensive range of products that have been developed for the sign industry.

Innova will be introducing its new NovaWeld SignFix 8, a non-flammable, low odour, low shrinkage two-part adhesive that bonds both nylon and acrylic locators and metal fasteners securely and reliably to ACM panels without distortion or read through on the front face.

NovaDura will be showing PrimaDura Glow, the only anti-vandal and anti-graffiti photoluminescent signage to meet the exacting demands of Transport for London/London Underground, relating to fire safety performance in rail stations and tunnels.

In addition, NovaDura will also be showing its fully recyclable and environmentally friendly sign-bonding solutionsthat come with a 10-year warranty covering colour/atmospheric degradation and incorporate anti-vandal and anti-graffiti properties.

Visitors to the stand on the second day of the show will also be able to enjoy a further attraction, when World Strongman competitor Mark Felix will be in attendance to test the bonding strength of these products!

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