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Sign & Digital 2017 – Cutters, Routers & Engraving

Ultra performance for maximum productivity

X9 combo head router dibond acrylic

AGCAD will be using the show to introduce its latest digital flatbed cutter, the DYSS X9, which has been specifically designed for use in applications where speed is of paramount importance.

The DYSS X9 offers the same level of functionality and tooling as the popular DYSS X7 range, but also features an innovative and revolutionary motion control system that delivers ultimate power and performance, while also retaining control and accuracy, even on the finest detail.

Typically, high speed machines use rack and pinion drive systems and thus fall down on detail such as small radii, or alternatively, they use belt drives that often handle detail better, but struggle with lateral and vertical power. However, the X9’s groundbreaking motion system enables it to excel in both areas, to provide users with ultrafast speed, exceptional power and fine control all in one impressive package.

See the DYSS X9 in action on Stand D20.

The Rover returns

Biesse Group UK cutters and routers

Biesse Group UK, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CC routers, will use the show to introduce the Rover A, its new CNC Router, which is dedicated to the sign industry and has been designed to meet the needs of the worldwide market for a higher level of precision and speed.

With over 400 machines sold in the UK to date, the Rover A is already one of the most popular machines in the woodworking industry and now its specification and performance has been optimised to encompass all the features required by the sign industry.

Significant features include the installation of the new HSD water-cooled router spindle, which provides over 10 HP and is capable of running at 36,000rpm. The router spindle ensures the perfect cutting of cast acrylic, as well as laminated, composite and non-ferrous sheet materials. To ensure a clean edge, the router spindle is cooled via refrigerated air jets and a de-ionisation system to further ensure the cutter is maintained at its maximum performance.

Each machine is delivered with a 10-position tool changer, which can be expanded to 24 on request.

Optional features include an Oscillating and Tangential knife unit with interchangeable tools, plus a Camera Recognition System for ‘cut to print’ operations, thus enabling sign and display companies to have one complete machining centre that is capable of delivering all of their everyday signmaking requirements.


The machine frame is both heavy and rigid, thus ensuring vibration free machining, whilst the phenolic vacuum bed ensures perfect hold down even on the smallest parts, thanks to the two 300 m³/h vacuum pumps.

The Rover A’s operations are controlled via the stand-alone control desk featuring full PC control of all functions. Biesse’s bSolid is the integrated software that enables the operator to design and visualise each component to be processed, as well as providing tooling information, production times and on screen optimisation of the cutting programme. The software allows the import of CAD files from remote sources, plus the unique advantage of nesting parts within the sheet to optimise the use of the substrate to be cut, saving both time and material and also allowing the operator to take complete control of production.

Biesse has always been associated with safety and the new Rover A is fully compliant with features such as perimeter guarding via mesh screens and photocell barriers. A ballistic curtain around the cutting spindle contains any flying debris or broken cutters and best in class dust extraction enclosures provide a clean operating environment.

Biesse Group UK offers a complete service support packagethat ensures that customers receive assistance either from the service help desk in Daventry or one of 30 service technicians through the UK.

Visit Biesse Group UK on Stand B30.

Versatile Versa-Tech

BWCutters showroom image

On Stand G10, Blackman and White will showcase new features of the limitless display and packaging options provided by the Versa-Tech cutter, its combined laser/router/knife solution that is supplied with dedicated Tiger Pack software.

Other new cutting solutions on display will include a high-speed oscillating knife unit, an interchangeable knife/laser cutting facility and a large-diameter 60mm creasing wheel that will accommodate all kinds of board materials.

Versa-Tech will also be shown using the latest version of its state-of-the-art camera technology that provides the enhanced distortion control that facilitates a faster and more precise media registration mark capability.

Improved workflow with Esko


Esko will be demonstrating its Studio structural design workflow software for 3D design for displays on Stand G12.

Products to be shown will include i-cut Production Console driving functionality on a smaller format XE24 Kongsberg digital cutting table, which is designed to provide a fast, high-quality solution for sample making and short-run production of folding cartons.

Also on show will be a selection of speciality cutting tools that facilitate the processing of a wide range of disparate materials, including corrugated, folding carton, solid and foamed boards, wood, coating blankets and virtually any plastic.

Cut to the chase with ITC

ITC blades

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be introducing a host of new products on Stand E50, where it willbe presenting a the Vitreo coated tools for use when machining challenging ACM materials.

Another point of interest to show visitors will be the extremely popular range of balanced cutting tools for high-speed spindles on routing machines and cutting tables. Since launching the balanced tool range, the benefits of improved precision, better tool life and consistency, together with enhanced surface finishes on components, have combined to make the tools very popular.


The ITC Experts will once again be on-hand at Sign & Digital 2017

Now ITC has further extended of the range of balanced tools across its complete single flute tooling lines, thus enabling it to present the most comprehensive range of balanced tools for improving machining performance and eliminating secondary hand finishing.

The company will also use the show to promote its extensive line of knife tools and blades for CNC cutting tables, which is continually being extended with new cutting geometries being added for the efficient cutting of vinyl materials. In addition, the company will also be highlighting its comprehensive re-sharpening and re-grind service.

Trident to give AXYZ the edge

Trident 4010
trident heads

On Stand F20, AXYZ International will demonstrate the hybrid Trident CNC routing and knife-cutting print finishing machine.

This powerful production workhorse provides a three-pronged processing configuration, comprising arouting spindle and oscillating/tangential knife combination, to enable the processing of virtually any rigid, semi-rigid or flexible substrate. These include materials as diverse as aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, aluminium composite material (ACM), acrylic and plastic, foamed, corrugated and rigid board sheets, vinyl, cardboard and paper.

Key design features of Trident include a rigid steel frame construction to better accommodate more vigorous machine operation, particularly when processing heavier and thicker materials, an exclusive live vacuum deck to provide a maximum material hold-down capability and an integrated helical rack and pinion drive system. This latter feature ensures a more even distribution of the workload and radically reduced machine wear, leading to enhanced routing/cutting precision and ultimately a longer than normal machine life.

Trident also incorporates readily interchangeable blade attachments that can be as long as 12mm to enable the processing of harder, heavier and thicker materials

Graphtec GB to cut it fine


Graphtec will be using the occasion of the show to demonstrate the new FCX2000 series of flatbed plotter/cutters for the first time on Stand D50,

Available in three sizes (920 x 610, 920 x 1,200 and 920 x 1,800mm) they offer a choice of either a vacuum suction or electrostatic material hold-down facility, with the former designed for the processing of heavier and thicker materials and the latter for lighter-weight media.

The plotter/cutter has a cutting force of 9.8N (1Kgf) and a maximum cutting speed of 400mm/sec.Key design features include a specially configured cutting head incorporating two interchangeable tool holders, the first housing a knife and the second a creasing tool to enable a dual cutting and creasing capability that can be used for POP display and packaging applications. There is also a USB port to enable offline operation and to allow files to be saved and retrieved remotely, as well as a barcode function that enables printed barcode and relevant cutting data to be recalled from memory and cut.

The FCX2000 also incorporates Graphtec’s latest proprietary ARMS 6 (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system for radically improved media detection and cutting. This enables users to flip the sheet of material being processed and cut from the reverse side, which is a particular benefit when creasing materials.

The FCX2000 is supplied bundled with Graphtec’s new Pro Studio design and production software and a range of special cutting tools to accommodate different applications.

Graphtec GB will also demonstrate the i-Mark automatic digital die-cutting machine that features an automatic cutting process, which eliminates the need for owners to purchase expensive dies. The machine will handle 120 sheets of material in a single and continuous cycle whilst allowing further sheets to be added as required without interrupting the cutting process. It takes between 30-40 seconds to process each sheet.

The i-Mark can be used for a wide range of print and cut applications, including short-run label production, digital prints and packaging.

Completing the Graphtec GB presence will be the flagship FC8600 and CE6000 roll-fed plotter/cutters, both of which claim “best and fastest in class” status.

Cut the mustard with Leopold

On Stand G40, Leopold, the sole distributors of Fotoba and Colex cutters in the UK and Republic of Ireland, will demonstrate the recently launched Fotoba XLD170WP cutter that has been developed specifically for the processing of bespoke wallpaper coverings.

The company will also show the Colex SharpCut flatbed cutter for processing of a wide range of rigid substrates, including foamed board, composite sheets, acrylic, MDF and plywood.

The interchangeable triple-head configuration of the cutter allows the operator to change the cutting tools when required when carrying out work without manual intervention.


In addition, Leopold and Fotoba have also teamed up with Standing Stone on Stand D39, in order to showcase the HP PageWide 8000XL printer working in tandem with an inline Fotoba FHS42 cutting solution.

Visitors will thus be able to see how they can use the FHS42 to cut simultaneously on the PW8000XL, using both the X and Y-axis.  It also provides true image tracking and is synchronized with the speed of the printer at approximately 400 sq.m/hour when used to cut graphics.

Digital laser-cutting with Universal


On Stand C42, Universal Laser Systems will demonstrate the customisable Digital Laser Material (DLMP) solution. The company specialises in the development of high-performance lasers and laser systems for advanced material processing.

The systems are considered to be among the most versatile graphic output devices available, being capable of processing a wide range of materials, including plastics, wood, fabrics, foam, laminates, various metals and rubber. They enable a host of three-dimensional signage and graphics manifestations (including Braille), cut channel lettering as small as 50mm, engraved promotional and recognition items and POS displays.

Significantly, the systems can cut extremely tight corners and complex curves as well as customising all kinds of apparel without any need for mechanical blades that are subject to wear and can cause material deformation. All of the laser systems are supported by Universal’s Laser Interface+ software that incorporates a comprehensive Intelligent Materials Database.

Tool up with Trotec

SP3000 and SP2000

Trotec will showcase its large format SP2000 laser cutter for the first time in the UK on Stand K40, enabling visitors to see first hand how it can be used to process acrylics, wood and textiles for the sign, display and digital print sectors.

Belonging to a series of large format industrial laser cutters from Trotec, the SP2000 offers a 1680 x 2510mm working area and shares the same unique design features as its award-winning big brother, the SP3000. Open to all four sides and with a V-shaped body, the SP series of laser cutters facilitates efficient loading and unloading of materials for high-volume and high-speed cutting applications.

The SP series has been developed with the sign and print sectors’ needs in mind. It features a fully enclosed beam path and easy access to the working area to keep operators safe, while Sonar Technology auto-focusing, a travelling exhaust and cutting speeds up to 2m/sec ensure high productivity without any compromise on the quality of the finish.

Visitors to the sand will be able to see live demonstrations of the SP2000 as well as the smaller ‘Speedy’ flatbed lasers and Trotec’s own range of sheet materials and engraving consumables

Imagination, ingenuity, integrity

Exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK for the third time, Thinklaser is a privately owned British company that designs and manufactures high performance laser engraving and laser marking systemsfor use in industrial production environments.

On Stand A10 it will be showing the Lightblade range of laser engraving and cutting machines for light-industrial/non-metallic applications.

Products on display will include the Lightblade 3040, which offers a working area of 300 x 400mm and the Lightblade 6090 that has a working area of 600 x 900mm, but for customers who are looking for something a little larger, Thinklaser can also supply systems with working areas measuring up to 1500 x 3000mm.

In addition, visitors to the stand will be able to see the Lightblade Learning Lab series of video tutorials that feature Russ and his Lightblade 4060 and also have the opportunity to discuss their requirements with Thinklaser’s expert team.

The digital cutter of the future

trotec card cut

Visitors to the Complete CNC Solutions stand will be able to learn how digital cutters can fit into a growing, print-centred sign and graphics industry.

On Stand C10, the company will be using a 2017 Protek Unico TT to illustrate that digital cutters canbe used for a wide range of profitable applications.

The Protek Unico TT is a fully featured digital cutter that is also capable of outperforming many dedicated production routing systems and thus effectively serves as two high performing systems in one machine.

Demonstrations of the machine will be running continually throughout the event, when the system will be cutting closely registered printed output on a variety of machinable and knife cuttable materials using the integrated VisioTek registration system. Visitors will also be able to see it in action with both static and reciprocating knives and creasing tools, as well as witnessing its considerable routing capabilities.

A powerful centre for profit generation, the Protek Unico TT elevates everyday signmaking materials and printed output into valuable and highly marketable products. It’s robust enough to endure the demands of the busiest production environments and yet costs less than many entry -level digital cutters that are markedly less capable.

Zünd UK showcases new router for the G3

Zund 3XL3200

On Stand L10, Zünd UK will be showcasing a Zünd G3 3XL3200 fitted with the new 3.6kW Router (RM-L), a powerful spindle featuring a pneumatic clamping system capable of routing materials at depths of up to 50mm and working with bits with shaft diameters of up to 10mm.

It also features Zünd’s Integrated Minimal Quantity Lubrication for processing aluminium or ACM and makes routing on uneven surfaces easy with precise compensation for material thickness. The new router is also compatible with Zünd’s Automatic Router Bit Changer and a wide assortment of Zünd router bits.

The Zünd G3 digital cutting machine itself is an ideal addition to a modern signmaking workshop. Thanks to its modular tool and material-handling systems, it can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of each user, with the potential for retrofitted expansions or upgrades at any time. It offers an energy-efficient, adjustable vacuum table for precise cutting of a wide range of common signmaking materials, while also maintaining a robust build quality suitable for 24/7 operation at maximum automation levels.

Zund’s expert team will be on had to guide visitors through the use of the G3 3XL3200 and to provide specialist information on the entire Zünd range.

Cost effective capability

BK3 digital flatbed
giraffe and tree

Maxicam– Powell CNC will be returning to the show for the seventh consecutive year on Stand D22, where it will be showcasing the BK3 digital flatbed knife cutting and routing machine.

With an ever-increasing machinery portfolio, Powell CNC has built a reputation for providing quality products that offer exceptional value for money and has once again committed to a large stand in order to show them to their best advantage.

Visitors will be able to see the demonstrations of the popular BK1725 digital flatbed print finishing machine, which features ‘print to cut’ technology and a multi knife head option.

Also on display will be the BK3, which is an ideal choice for signmakers and digital print companies that require a machine that has the capability to both rout and knife cut a vast array of different substrates, including acrylic, Foamex, Dibond, vinyls, card and board, with ultra-precision and camera guided accuracy.

As well as using the show to promote its range of cutting and finishing equipment, Maxicam will also be displaying its range of consumables and tooling, which are available to buy online from its new e-commerce platform.

ArtSystems supports Summa


ArtSystems will have representatives on the stand of its suppliers, including the Summa stand (Stand G30), where it will be helping to demonstrate will help to how the award-winning Summa F Series flatbed cutting system has recently become even better.

Already recognised as one of the most versatile and cost effective flatbed cutting systems on the market, the Summa F Series no includes two brand-new features that increase its productivity and quality of output.

The first new innovation is the Automated Depth Control feature, which helps to eliminate user error and speeds up production by automating the process of setting tool depth. In addition, it also cleans the router bit prior to testing and even runs all the blade calibration routines automatically. Thus, users are guaranteed a safe depth setting and full blade calibration in a matter of seconds ensuring consistently optimum outcomes. All new and existing F Series customers can take advantage of this time saving and cost-effective device.

This is complemented by the High Frequency Routing Module, which makes the routing and finishing of rigid substrates quicker and more precise. The HF Router comes with a high frequency spindle and a true balanced milling motor that provide smooth finishing of rigid substrates, especially acrylic. The more powerful spindle allows higher processing speeds than the standard router and delivers excellent industrial print finishing performance quickly and easily.


The High Frequency Routing Module will be demonstrated on the GPT stand, Stand E20.

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