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Sign & Digital UK 2016 – Routing & Engraving

Sign & Digital UK 2016 – Routing & Engraving

Complete CNS Solutions debuts new systems

On Stand D30 Complete CNC Solutions will be launching new systems that reinforce its position as a premier UK supplier of production routers, and establishing a new systems category with a digital cutter that can also outperform most dedicated routing hardware.

A powerfully powered production routing platform from Protek, the Unico CNC, which is available in a range of sizes and has also features a range of accessories including a flatness sensor, camera and knives, will be making its debut at the show.

Also from Protek, and making its show debut, will be the 2016 Unico TT, which combines the virtues and capabilities of cutters used for print finishing and knife cutting, while also outperforming many dedicated routing systems. This fully featured machine, which combines productivity with precision, features powerful routing, knife cutting, creasing, engraving and incising tools, a twin bay cutter with static and reciprocating steered knives and a powerful vacuum hold-down and extraction system.

Another stand attraction will be the Tekcel EXR production router, which will be shown cutting challenging materials and demonstrating just how productive it can be.

In addition, Complete CNC Solutions will also be discussing and demonstrating its range of cutting tools, which offer outstanding performance, exceptional life and great value for money.

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Summa showcases print finishing


Summa will be demonstrating the productivity and staying power of its range of advanced cutting plotters on Stand D60.

Visitors will be able to see a comprehensive selection of Summa products ranging from the groundbreaking Summa F Series, to the entry level Summa D60, while also having an opportunity to examine the wide range of cutting edge solutions available, with ongoing demonstrations and application experts on hand to answer any questions.

Summa will also feature on the stand (Stand G30) as part of a joint effort to enable visitors to see Summa products being demonstrated by the country’s leading resellers.

The joint stand G30 will be manned by ArtSystems, and Summa product specialists, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to have direct access to some of the best wide format application experts in Europe.

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B & W highlights new technology 


Blackman & White (B&W) will be promoting its range of flatbed cutters, routers and laser cutters on Stand G10.

The company, which is the only UK manufacturer of large format cutters for the sign and display sectors, will demonstrate its new image recognition software that uses the latest generation of camera technology with advanced distortion control to deliver a high speed, accurate solution for sign and print cutting and registration.

Visitors will also be able to see new conveyor belt technology in use on a 1.6m Versa-Tech, which enables fast and easy control for switching between the laser and knife conveyor belts. A versatile cutter with a multi-head feature, it can be used with a wide range of substrates ranging from self-adhesive vinyl, through to Foamex, Dibond, Foamcore, acrylic, textiles, PVC, sandwich board, to card and paper and is available in flatbed, conveyorised, or laser-equipped options to offer excellent functionality combined with a fast return on investment.

Blackman & White will also be using the show to highlight its sister website,, whichoffers speedy delivery on spare parts, additional modules and consumables for its own machines and those of all other major manufacturers.

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Digital finishing perfected by Esko



On Stand G12, Esko will demonstrate the Kongsberg C60 digital finishing system.

Part of the re-engineered Kongsberg C-Series of machines, the C60 incorporates Esko’s composite carbon traverse beam to enable full production speed when processing large-format sheet and roll-fed materials without any loss of accuracy. Other key production tool enhancements include the i-cut Production Console (PC) that drives all functionality on the Kongsberg tables, as well as delivering operator guidance and precise machine control.

The i-cut Suite of pre-press and pre-production solutions will also be demonstrated, along with ArtiosCAD and Studio design software for 3D applications and the Esko Automatic Engine that manages pre-press workflow automation.

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Trotec ups the tempo



On Stand G50, Trotec will demonstrate the latest addition to the Speedy range of laser engravers, the Speedy 360. The machine has a processing bed area of 813 x 508mm and a speed of 3.55 metres per second.

A new feature of the engraver is a flexible front cover that improves accessibility to the laser and makes handling of heavier and bulkier materials much easier. Furthermore, the internal space of the engraver has been optimised to provide a maximum work area within a minimal overall footprint.

The Speedy 360 is available with either a CO2 or fibre laser, or a combination of the two. A range of engraving tables and accessories will also be shown, including the JobControl Vision camera system for optimum engraving/cutting accuracy. The closed design of the 360 protects guide components from the infiltration of dirt and dust to guarantee minimal cleaning downtime and the lowest cost of ownership.

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Thinklaser to make a mark




 Thinklaser will demonstrate the range of Lightblade engraving and cutting machines for non-metallic surfaces.

The Lightblade 3040 is the smallest of the company’s flatbed CO2 machines with a processing area of 300 x 400mm, but larger machines up to 1600 x 1000mm are also available.

To demonstrate the flexibility of the machines, the company will show its ‘Laser Origami’ process with which a laser can be used to make 3D objects by introducing bends rather than joints into the product and eliminating the need for manual assembly.

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AG/CAD presents the dynamic duo



On Stand D24, AG/CAD will be bringing together the power of KASEMAKE CAD and the speed, precision and quality of the South Korean made DYSS X5 and X7 digital cutters, which combine to offer both unrivalled performance and return on investment, while also providing signmakers with the perfect partners for their digital printer.

The DYSS range of digital cutters, which includes the X5 and X7 machines that will be demonstrated on the stand, provides precise, efficient, camera-guided routing and knife cutting, automating finishing, reducing mistakes, and keeping labour costs down to the absolute minimum. The latest K-CUT Vision system facilitates the automatic cutting of materials up to 3.2m wide, and unlimited length with the optional Roll-Off unit.

Equipped with an array of tools to suit the demands of most signmaking staples, the powerful router can be used to shape substrates such as acrylic and Dibond, while vinyl can be used in conjunction with the kiss cut tool, and plastics, foamex and polypropylene with the heavy-duty drag knife.

An investment in a DYSS cutter could pay for itself within a year and AG/CAD offers competitive pricing together with a range of three and five year leasing options.

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Cut and wrap solutions from Friedheim



On Stand K50, Friedheim International will be demonstrating the efficacy of the Lasercomb ProDigi NEO 2517 digital cutting system.

Included in a number of new product refinements is a modular tool facility for processing different types of material and an oscillating knife cutting attachment.

The company will also demonstrate the Audionpak H25 Seal/Shrink Combi wrapping machine to show how this can provide signmakers with ‘added value’ opportunities. Related solutions from other companies within Friedheim International’s Converting Division will also be on display.

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Tool up with ITC



On Stand E50, cutting tool specialist manufacturer Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be presenting its new Folio Product Catalogue. This is packed with information on new, upgraded or recently launched solutions.

Key new products include the range of balanced cutting tools for high-speed spindles on routers and cutting machines. They offer improved precision and an extended tool life as well as imparting an enhanced surface finish to materials being processed. Other products on show will be the popular Clearcut routing tools range, the diameter of which has now been increased from six to eight millimetres.

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AXYZ to showcase Trident



On Stand F20, AXYZ International will demonstrate the latest and larger-format integrated triple-head AXYZ Trident 6010 hybrid digital print finishing machine.

Said to be the most innovative and versatile combined CNC routing and knife-cutting solution in its class, Trident has been developed to comprehensively resolve problems frequently encountered by digital print finishers and in particular those that relate to the need to process an ever-increasing range of different flexible and/or rigid substrates that require wider, longer and deeper processing capabilities, whilst obviating the need to purchase separate machines to carry out all of the routing and cutting requirements of digital print finishing.

In addition to the powerful 10hp routing spindle to accommodate the most demanding applications, the Trident 6010 incorporates both oscillating and tangential knife-cutting units. These are interchangeable and will process virtually any type of rigid or flexible substrate, including materials as diverse as aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, aluminium composite materials (ACM’s), acrylic and plastics, foamed and corrugated board, vinyl, cardboard and paper. A longer-stroke knife unit will allow the use of blades of up to 120mm in length for processing thicker materials.

Other key features of the AXYZ Trident 6010 include a rigid steel construction to better accommodate more vigorous machine operation, an exclusive live vacuum deck for maximum material hold-down efficiency and an integrated helical rack and pinion drive system for enhanced routing/cutting accuracy. Optional machine enhancements include an expanded ATC (Automatic Tool Change) facility and the latest AXYZ AVS (AXYZ Vision System) for more precise registration mark location to guarantee 100 per cent routing/cutting accuracy.

AXYZ International will also promote its 24/7 online CNCRoutershop division. This provides a host of customer support services, not least of which is the provision of routing tools and accessories that will accommodate the requirements not only of AXYZ International machines but also any other make of machine regardless of type or country of origin.

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Graphtec GB is cutting it fine



On Stand D50, Graphtec GB will demonstrate the recently upgraded and higher-performance CE6000-120AMO, the flagship FC8600 and the latest FC2250 flatbed plotter/cutters.

All of the machines incorporate Graphtec’s proprietary ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system that uses four-point rather than traditional three-point media registration for radically enhanced media plotting and cutting accuracy.

The CE6000 offers an increased cutting speed of up to 900mm/sec and a maximum cutting force of 500gf. It is supplied bundled with a free Graphtec Studio design and production software program that provides EPS support for compatibility with other popular software, including Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

The upgraded ‘fastest in class’ flagship FC8600 provides a maximum speed of 1,485mm/sec, a maximum processing area of 1,662mm (width) x 50m (length) and an enhanced cutting force of 600gf. It will cut media up to a thickness of one millimetre. In addition to the ARMS system, the FC8600 also features the latest ISM (Intelligent Scan Mode) facility that further enhances tracking and cutting accuracy on longer-length print and cut applications.

Graphtec GB is also likely to show the 12-inch Silhouette Cameo desktop plotter/cutter that is now supplied with the latest Pro version of the Silhouette Studio design and production software. The machine has a number of improved design features, including a new roller-feed system, and will process media up to a length of three metres.

Completing the Graphtec GB presence and in conjunction with global software specialist SA International will be the latest version 12 of the all-in-one FlexiSign sign-making software. Incorporating five different application-specific products, it is available on an attractively priced subscription basis which avoids a hefty up-front payment and which covers free access to all future upgrades.

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