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Sign up for SignaramaLight

Already a well-known sign franchise, Signarama is now introducing SignaramaLight, a new package that offers smaller, independent companies a collaboration opportunity that is designed to help them run more profitable businesses. 

SignaramaLight enables existing print businesses to add Signarama’s signage products and services to their offering, while sign companies have the option to co-brand or even become a full Signarama production centre.In addition, Signarama will welcome collaborating businesses into its network and provide them with the support they need to achieve their full potential.

Commenting on this development, Annetta Doyle, Signarama’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, said: “In a buoyant economy, more businesses launch, expand and relocate and thus the demand for signage and associated services increases. However, in a more challenging economic climate, sign and print companies need to do more to attract custom, while also having to cope with the rise in online ordering services andadvances in technology, plus their own lack of buying power.


Signarama Light showroom layout

“We believe that collaboration is a sensible and proven way for independent business owners to overcome such challenges. As well as offering our sign-related expertise, we can also help with business development, financial strategy and diversification, while our collective buying power enables them to leverage preferential terms with suppliers.”

She added: “The most important thing to stress is that collaboration doesn’t mean losing control of the business – it’s about securing it for the future whilst still maintaining its individual identity.

For further information on Signarama Light, contact Annetta Doyle on Tel: 07468 576804 or e-mail:

For further information on Signarama, visit:

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