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Significant savings for recyclable signage

Significant savings for recyclable signage

Retailers could enjoy significant savings on their landfill tax if they used more recyclable sign and display materials.

A considerable quantity of sign and display materials are created for the retail sector each year, which on average costs retailers £120 in tax and gate fees for every tonnethey send to landfill. However, through careful selection of the right products, which combine printability and dimensional stability, with recyclability and sustainability, retailers can help to negate these costly charges and, in some instances, actually create a revenue stream from their waste.

Leading materials supplier,Antalis reports that it has seen a marked increase in the number of retail customers using fully recyclable sign and display products, as part of a wider strategy to both improve environmental performance and reduce costs.

Chris Green, Head of Channel at Antalis UK, commented:  “Retailers in the UK have reduced waste by 26 per cent since 2005and are now aiming to reduce the waste they send to landfill to less than one per cent by 2020

“Food and packaging waste are the high profile areas that tend to be highlighted, but there’s also a real opportunity for retailers to  furtherreduce their waste by ensuring that the substrates they use for signage in their outlets are recyclable too.”

To this end Antalis is now offering DISPA, an increasingly popular sign and display board that offers a unique combination of properties, including a 100 per cent ecological position.Ideal for use in for short-term, indoor displays, DISPA is a 100 per cent cellulose fibre product, manufactured  by 3A Composites using multiple layers of 100 per cent recyclable, FSC-certified paper. It provides a robust alternative to plastic products, as it is bothstrong and rigid, yet also lightweight and offers a smooth white surface that makes graphics stand out. The embossed structure that forms DISPA’s central layer is a patented core and method of manufacture that results in the creation of a uniquely stable board.

Chris Green continued: “In the fast-moving retail sector it isinevitable that signs and displays aregoing to change frequently, but despite that, they still have to be of a sufficient quality to attract customers.  Happily, DISPA meets that objective whilst also offering retailers a recyclable option that enables them to enjoy both the environmental and financial benefits.

For further information on the Antalis range of sign and display products, visit:

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