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The smart solution

The smart solution

A new roller banner film manufactured by Kernow Coatings is now available in the UK from leading materials stockist and distributor Amari Digital Supplies.

Called HydroJet Textured Lightblock Film F200CTL, it is optimised for use with all aqueous inkjet printers using dye and pigmented inks and offers full compatibility with all large-format platforms using these inks and in particular, those manufactured by HP, Epson and Canon.

The 200-micron film features a textured surface, a dimensionally stable polyester film base and aspecial instant-drying non-porous coating that eliminates the need for lamination, thus making it a more economical and faster solution for the printing of roller banners. The anti-static grey back also provides an outstanding light-blocking capability, while banners are imbued with brighter colour tones and stay flat under all conditions when compared with conventional laminated roll-up alternatives. The film is available in a sheet size of 914mm x 30M.

In total, HydroJet Textured Lightblock Film F200CTL provides a smarter and faster solution to the digital printing of roll-up banners.

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