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Smarter Banner Frames

Smarter Banner Frames

The new modular Graphit system from Trilogiq comprises lightweight composite, aluminium and stainless-steel tubes, which can be assembled into stylish and innovative banner frames and three-dimensional structures of any shape or size using a variety of easy-to-use connectors.

The components which are up to 86 per cent lighter than conventional steel-based modular systems,making them easier to handle and transport, are resistant to liquids, contaminants and corrosion and are thus ideal for use in outdoor applications.

Graphit tubes are available in a choice of carbon fibre, anodised aluminium or stainless steel and in a variety of finishes and colours to complement the connectors. They can be supplied in 2.5mm gauge for standard applications and 3.0mm gauge for heavy-duty applications, eitherready cut, or to cut on site, to any length to create the desired configuration and dimension for the application. They can also be used in conjunction with Trilogiq’s extensive range of wheels and accessories to provide users with maximum design flexibility.

The system is available from exclusive UK distributor, The Tube and Bracket Company.

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