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Solar ‘first’ for Zeta

Solar ‘first’ for Zeta

With the launch of the SmartScape Solar Bollard, Zeta has added the firstsolar-powered solution to its SmartScape range of street and area lighting systems.

The system has been designed to capture and store solar power using integrated PV panels. No on-grid connection is required, making the system ideal for installation at walkways, cycle paths, parks and residential areas where there is no mains-fed power supply.

Designed and developed in-house, the SmartScape Solar Bollard is manufactured in extruded aluminium or sustainably sourced wood finishes. It contains two LED modules, the first of which runs continuously at a low lighting level to ensure it is visible from a distance and the second downlight reflector lamp incorporates integrated PIR sensors that automatically increase the level of lighting when there is activity in the area, thereby saving energy and reducing light pollution.

Once installed, this low-maintenance, robust and vandal-resistant solar-powered system has zero running costs.

A new LED Light Guide Panel (LGP) has also been introduced by Zeta. This flexible and energy-efficient solution can deliver optimum illumination for a range of applications, including various forms of signage and poster displays. Each Light Guide Panel is made from highest quality UK-manufactured acrylic and incorporates a unique etched grid pattern designed to deliver shadow-free illumination and uniform light distribution.

This maintenance-free and low-power alternative to fluorescent light sources has an average rated life of 50,000 hours and can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations. The complementary ultra-efficient LED modules from Zeta are available in a range of colours and RGB options to enable different effects and mood lighting.

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