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Something beginning with ‘A’

Something beginning with ‘A’


In conjunction with Amari Plastics, Amari Digital Supplies (ADS) has launched the AMedia range of print and finishing media for large-format printing applications.

Products in the range have been sourced from many of the leading European suppliers and initially comprise a variety of self-adhesive vinyl materials, all of which offer compatibility with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Latex printers, ink technologies and matching laminates.

Simply named AMedia and embracing a subtle and cryptic launch strategy, the products now available can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage and display applications. With the combined extensive technical knowledge and market experience of both ADS and Amari Plastics, together with a local and national customer support network, AMedia is set to deliver product diversification, reliability and value for money under one readily identifiable brand to enable peace of mind for all customers.

The launch of AMedia also underlines the importance that ADS and Amari Plastics place on their joint commitment to and ongoing development of a continually expanding customer base. This is a key factor in the strength and presence of the two companies in what has become an increasingly more creative and constantly evolving large-format print and finishing market sector. Over the coming months, the AMedia portfolio will be supplemented with new and equally innovative print and finishing materials to extend the range of applications that can be accommodated.

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