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Specialist wallpaper design and print company upgrades to Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II

Specialist wallpaper design and print company upgrades to Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II

Istanbul-based Maggenta, a leading printer of custom-made wallpapers for businesses and individuals around the world, was founded in 2010.

The company prints high-quality, emission-compliant, environmentally-friendly wallpaper using a Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II. Having invested in an Acuity LED 1600 in 2014, Maggenta upgraded to the Acuity LED 1600 II in February 2018, boosting production speed by 50 percent and bringing in added versatility. With this recent investment, Maggenta, once a latex print specialist, has ceased all latex print for wall coverings.

“Maggenta is the market leader in the wallpaper printing sector,” said the company’s founding partner, Mehmet Kucuk. “We offer personalised, bespoke products to our customers through our talented design team, who tailor projects based on the specifications required.”


Maggenta’s wallpaper portfolio is impressive, with a vast range of photographic quality prints, ranging from nature to urban sprawl, and oceans to skies. Texture-like wallpapers, depicting wood, fabric, solid colours and various patterns, also form part of Maggenta’s offering.

Its huge range of high-quality products is matched by its stringent business standards: “We use environmentally-friendly and emission compliant products – this is an important aspect ofMaggenta as a brand,” continuedKucuk. “When you consider that printed wallpapers will be part of people’s everyday lives, homes and workplaces, it is vital the ink does not impact the health of our customers or our employees.”

“The inks we use are approved by international environmental and human health organisations. As we only ever use products that meet these requirements, we don’t need any additional ventilation systems in our working environment.”

Maggenta’s first investment in Fujifilm’s Acuity LED technology came via an exhibition visit in June 2014. Kucuk explained: “We believed back then, as we do now, that customised, tailor-made products are the future of the printed wallpaper market. We needed a printer that could help us deliver high-quality print work at a speed that wouldn’t compromise the finish or see it deteriorate over a longer run. We were experiencing all these pitfalls with our latex printers at the time.”

“When we saw the Acuity LED 1600 in action, we knew it was the right printer for us and the direction we wanted to take. The availability of clear varnish and white ink, the consistent print quality, the LED curing feature, the flexibility to print on almost all rigid and heat sensitive roll materials – all this, on top of its environmentally-friendly credentials, added up to a package that offered huge advantages over the latex printers we were using at the time.”


Following three-and-a-half years of highly productive, high-quality wallpaper production, Maggenta upgraded its Acuity LED 1600 to an Acuity LED 1600 II, which now produces all of Maggenta’s wallpaper. According to Kucuk, the difference in production and print quality output was clear. “An important aspect of our brand is delivery time – due to high customer demand, we need to ship wallpapers immediately after we print them. The Acuity LED 1600 II’s curing capabilities ensure the wallpaper is dry and free of any deformation to the substrate as it comes out of the printer – we can then distribute the products immediately.

“The finished quality is excellent. From metre one to metre one hundred, the clarity and density of the colour doesn’t change, ensuring a consistent, sharp, stunning wallpaper. On the whole, the quality of the print and the speed with which it reaches the customer has returned a higher level of satisfaction than before and, ultimately, more business growth. Customers and staff alike have remarked on the flexibility, productivity and high-quality print work produced.

“If any organisations are looking to produce fast, continuously high-quality print work, then I would certainly recommend Fujifilm’s Acuity LED 1600 II. Any business owner that wants to experience the practical advantages provided by LED UV printing technology should request a live demonstration – they will see the difference for themselves.”

Kucuk is keen to share his experience working with Fujifilm: “Having twice invested in Fujifilm Acuity LED printers, I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure to work with Fujifilm. Their sales, after-sales and technical staff have demonstrated real quality and value and, as a result, our production performance has improved. We look at our work with Fujifilm more as a business partnership than just a vendor-customer relationship.”

Tudor Morgan, Sign & Display Segment Manager at Fujifilm Graphics Systems Europe says: “Maggenta are leaders in their field and require printing solutions that can deliver striking, sharp, and very high quality imagery in an environment that demands reduced emissions and reliable production practices. When they outlined the need for an all-in-one print solution that improved on its latex printers, Fujifilm’s Acuity LED 1600 addressed this need, and we’re delighted that with its recent upgrade Maggenta can now benefit from all the additional features of the Acuity LED 1600 II.

“We’ve now been working with Maggenta for four years as they’ve created stunning wallpapers for their many customers. We’re excited to see what the future holds for them.”

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