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More speed, less waste

More speed, less waste


Any company that has lost an order because it couldn’t deliver quickly enough will acknowledge the desirability of having an in-house cutting facility.

With a stock of standard sized sheets and a vertical panel saw, production timescales can be compressed dramatically with no loss of quality, mistakes corrected in minutes rather than hours, and off cuts put to profitable use rather than going in the skip.

Although, in the past, vertical panel saws have been bulky and expensive, making them an impractical proposition for smaller businesses, Sagetech is now redressing the balance with itsZapkut ZK range.

Pete Coleman, owner of Classic Lines Plus Signs, who has been using a Zapkut ZK10 panel saw at his company’s Nottinghamshire studio, for the past four years, reported:  “We didn’t want to commit to a large investment,so the fact the Zapkut ZK range starts at just £945 attracted me straight away.”

However,Pete isn’t a man to buy on price alone, which is why he was also attracted by the wealth of capabilities the ZK10 offered, including those normally associated with much more expensive machines, including plunge and bevel cutting, mid-height supports for smaller workpieces, built-in scales for rapid dimensioning and a robust frame for excellent sheet support and cutting precision.

While designed for light-to-medium workloads, Zapkut saws are not afraid of a bit of hard work and during the first two years following its installation, Classic Lines Plus Signs’ saw cut some 1,000 sheets of Dibond and other materials.

Despite all this, ZK panel saws are completely portable, fully compatible with a wide range of corded and cordless sawheads, will fit in the back of a small van, and can be deployed or stowed by a single operator in seconds.

Classic Lines Plus Signs undertakes a wide variety of work for a broad spectrum of customers, ranging from ‘one man and his van’ through to national franchises. And, as well as offering a comprehensive range of signage products, including large format work for articulated trucks, it also produces hotel key fobs, banners, flags, and other fabric products.

The Zapkut not only enables Classic Lines Plus Signs to operate in a slick, nimble fashion, responding promptly to customer requirements, it also allows them to turn off-cuts into money, with Pete using the Zapkut to trim them down to size for a wide range of smaller products, including those hotel key fobs.

Furthermore, with the Zapkut ZK10 on hand, should a sheet sizing error occur, Classic Lines and Signs can rectify it immediately, rather than having to wait for a supplier to provide a solution, with the undesirable knock on effect on lead times.

The Zapkut’s versatility knows no bounds in terms of both the materials it can handle as well as the types of cut it can make.Pete observed: “We’re cutting Corian, composite board, recycled board, foam board and acrylic, the latter of which can often present problems for knife-based cutting systems that use a ‘score and snap’ approach as sometimes the sheet doesn’t ‘snap’ correctly along the scored line.”

Indeed, Zapkut saws can prove to be something of a revelation to anyone used to such systems, as they cut acrylics quickly, cleanly and easily in a single pass, thanks to their  ‘triple chip’ blade.

Pete concludes: The Zapkut has really given our business a boost in so many different ways – we wouldn’t be without it!”

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