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Stick it up with Neschen’s Solvoprint performance wall-grip

Stick it up with Neschen’s Solvoprint performance wall-grip

In order to meet the special requirements of customers in the interior design and outdoor signage markets, Neschen has launched Solvoprint performance wall-grip, a 100 µm thick, polymeric and phthalate-free, self-adhesive PVC film.

Particularly suitable for use on difficult, rough, porous and low energy surfaces, such as plaster, chipboard, concrete and PP containers, Solvoprint performance wall-grip has a matt and even surface structure that delivers excellent results when used in conjunction with (eco) solvent, latex and UV-curing inks. The high-tack adhesive is designed to last for five years when used in both interior and exterior applications and the environmentally friendly solvent-free adhesive and phthalate free PVC film guarantees that there are no unwanted reactions between the acrylate adhesive and the solvent inks.

Especially suitable for use in demanding interior design projects that feature customised objects and chipboard and plastic surfaces, Solvoprint performance wall-grip is equally effective when used to enhance external signs and containers.

It is available in rolls measuring 155cm (W) x 50m (L).

For further information on Solvoprint performance wall-grip, visit:

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