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Sun and safety

Sun and safety

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APA has launched its new range of solar and safety films, with the solar line represented by the new light reducing films, available in versions for use on both vehicle and standard windows, which are especially designed to diffuse light and maintain good visibility.

Car Window Filmvinyls are made specifically for use on car windows and,due to their reflective quality they help to reduce the build-up of heat within the vehicle, while also providing a higher degree of privacy and sophistication. These films have been granted approval according to EU regulations.

Window Filmvinyls have been created for use on glass and shop windows, where they reduce the transmission of heat, whilst also protecting exposed goods from the damaging effects of UV rays.  Window film is also available in a mirror version.

APA createdits range of Safety films for application on glass and shop windows to help make the glass more secure and to contain splinters and fragments in the event of accidental breach or breakage.  The ultra transparent self-adhesive vinyl has a Class 2B2 classification according to EU regulations.

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