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Survey confirms that signage still cuts it

Survey confirms that signage still cuts it


In today’s digital age, where Google, Pay-Per-Click Ads and Social Media are the marketing kings, a survey implemented by Signs Express has revealed that an impressive 83 percent of businesses across the UK consider signs, graphics and displays to be a major part of their marketing strategy.

The survey collated answers from over 1,000 business decision makers to discover what challenges they are facing and to better understand the role that signage plays in overall business marketing and brand strategies. The results proved to be very positive for the signindustry, despite society’s increasing reliance on digital marketing methods. Indeed, the survey revealed that 98 percent of participants would be less likely to conduct business with an organisation whose signage is in disrepair.

Commenting on the survey, Craig Brown, Managing Director of Signs Express,said: “The signindustry has been around for hundreds of years and now, although the technology is smarter and the colours much more varied and vibrant, the products we provide remain crucial, cost-effective marketing tools. First impressions can completely change any preconceptions about a company and excellent signage can provide clients with a great initial opinion of any business!”

Almost all businesses in the survey (99 percent) agreed with Craig and stated that good quality, attractive signs and graphics help to provide a good first impression. Most notably, the participants named exterior signage as the second most important resource to have when advertising a business, only falling behind the possession of a website.

Craig continued: “It is evident from the survey that professional signage is still a sought after commodity and can work alongside dedicated online campaigns to help a company achieve its  goals,” As a franchised business, Signs Express centres offer all the benefits of local expertise, as well as the advantages that come from working with a UK-wide organisation. These are qualities that our customers really value and over 92 ercent of those businesses surveyed would not only use our services again, but would also recommend us to others, so we are pleased that our many years in the industry are paying off!”

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