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Swap the oldest for the newest!

Swap the oldest for the newest!


Roger White of the Business Support and Innovation Centre (BSAIC) in Croydon had become rather attached to his old Roland CAMM 1000A Cutter, which had given trusty service since 1990, although he admitted that recently it has needed a bit of TLC and some searching around for obsolete parts to keep it running.

Consequently, he was delighted to learn that he was the winner of the ‘Oldest Plotter in Captivity’ competition that appeared in the May/June issue of Sign Directions to coincide with the launch of Mimaki’s new CG-SRIII cuuter series at FESPA 2013.

Now, his prize, a shiny new Mimaki CG60-SRIII cutter has been installed and is already making an impact on BSAIC’s production.

Commenting on the CG60, Roger said: “The most noticeable thing about the new machine is that it delivers a really precise, finer cut and is much more versatile and sensitive. For example, we use it quite a lot for garment marking and we are finding that we can produce much more intricate shapes for transfer printing. It’s also great for vinyl cutting on signage applications too.”

Originally established to satisfy the needs of local Croydon businesses, BSAIC draws on over 30 years experience within the sector and offers a ‘one-stop-shop’; supplying everything from signage and large format, small format and  lithographic printing, to POS, exhibitions and hardware.  Importantly, the company is uniquely positioned to benefit from a regeneration programme, which promises to make Croydon one of the UK’s biggest consumer and business hubs.

It’s still relatively early days, but Roger is already discovering features of the Mimaki that make life easier for him and his team. He reported: “The ability to save specific speed and pressure settings for different types of media, instead of having to manually adjust the settings with each change of material is a real benefit.”

He continued; “The Mimaki is a great new tool for us and much faster than anything we’ve previously experienced, with the added advantage of being so much quieter in operation!  Its addition to our existing plant helps alleviate the pressure of deadlines and increases our profitability. And, although I am moving towards retirement, the Mimaki will continue be a great benefit for me and ultimately for any new owner in the future.”

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