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swissQprint introduces Tip Switch Vacuum for flatbeds

swissQprint introduces Tip Switch Vacuum for flatbeds
swissQprint has introduced the new, patent-pending Tip Switch Vacuum on its large format flatbed printers, which operates selectively and powerfully to boost everyday efficiency.

All swissQprint flatbed printers now come pre-equipped with a new vacuum table that is subdivided into as many as 256 segments, enabling users to switch segments on or off quickly, easily and seamlessly at the touch of a finger thanks to the swissQprint Tip Switch Vacuum. This new innovation eliminates tedious and time-consuming masking and taping, not least in the gap between boards and dual rolls. Because there is no air leakage, the vacuum develops its full force and reliably holds down even unruly media, such as corrugated board. The vacuum table also incorporates a cutting channel that provides a defined and precise trimming edge for roll materials and thin media.

For tandem production, the vacuum table is divided into two zones, each of which is independently adjustable by the Tip Switch Vacuum, thus facilitating non-stop production. The media can be loaded onto the printing table alternately at the front and rear. While printing is underway on one side, the operator loads the other side, and vice versa – without idle time, until the series is complete.

Using the output software, the user regulates the vacuum strength and is also able to reverse the thrust, enabling the pumps to blow instead of sucking. This creates an air cushion on the print bed that eases the handling of heavy boards. They can thus be positioned or moved with very little effort and without risk of material damage.

The vacuum pumps are underpressure controlled, so they automatically reduce speed once the required negative pressure has developed. This contributes to the system’s overall low power consumption (swissQprint large format printers have been ISO 20690:2018 certified for their high energy efficiency) which reduces operating costs. In addition, the underpressure control, also ensures that the vacuum is pleasantly quiet.

All three swissQprint flatbed models – the Oryx, Impala and Nyala series – are now shipping with the new vacuum system, while the swissQprint Karibu roll to roll printer has featured the Tip Switch Vacuum since its introduction last year, with users praising it as an ‘ingenious feature’.

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