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T3 in action

T3 in action

The high degree of flexibility and customisation provided by the T3 display system from Tecna Display helped exhibition display company Golden Strength in the US to design a stunning array of visuals for a major fashion event.

Working with Tecna Display, Golden Strength used a variety of display techniques to create a unique and eye-catching visual show to excite and thrill visitors. The entire display comprised 14 graphic stands, two floating walls and two encased pedestals that were built in the lobby of the venue, facilitating the use of huge stunning visuals on the stands, clothed mannequins on the pedestals and for a variety of products to be showcased on the floating walls.

Using a combination of Tecna Display’s steel-sided fusion tubing and connectors for the framework, the magnetic strips attached to the large graphic panels enabled the graphics to be mounted securely and without hassle. This was attributable to the versatility and ease of construction of the modular T3 system.

Tecna T3 display

In a separate project, the T3 system was used to create a large freestanding wall display for a high-profile customer of a leading display specialist. The T3 system was chosen because of its distinctive curves, which helped to make the display both functional and visually attractive, as the graphics and supporting texts could be seen from different angles.

The display also featured a 65-inch monitor attached securely to the frame using a rigid support bracket. This enabled the client to easily update the digital information that formed part of the display.

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