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Tekcel routers now come complete with three-year warranty

Tekcel routers now come complete with three-year warranty

Due to the fact that Tekcel Routers have an exemplary record of reliability, Complete CNC Solutions has announced that the machines will now be covered by a three-year warranty programme.

Tekcel Routers are perhaps amongst the UK’s best-known production systems, with hundreds of installations working hard in the sign and allied industries. With a reputation for being heavily engineered, Tekcel hardware offers its users much in terms of available capacity and is also capable of demolishing very demanding workloads around-the-clock when needed.

Tekcel hardware handles a wide range of materials with a great deal of finesse, thanks to the camera-based print cut registration systems and knife-cutting options that provide it with advanced print-finishing capabilities.

Complete CNC Solutions is putting this depth of capability foremost when demonstrating the new hardware. The company’s Managing Director, Julian Sage explained: “As you’d imagine, we get to see lots of companies in the course of selling computerised routing hardware and we have done for many years. But despite the fact they all run different businesses and each is doing its own thing, they tend to have a few things in common.

“Firstly, anyone who’s looking to invest in computerised routing hardware clearly has a business that’s in an upward phase of its growth. Secondly, when they arrive for demonstrations, it’s with the expectation that the hardware they’re looking at will actually square up to the prospect of working hard for that growth over time and that it has the ability to deliver it. I think the new warranty will mean something to companies with an eye on the future.

“You never know what’s going to walk in the door when you run a sign company so it’s best to be prepared with hardware that’ll tackle anything that comes its way. I promise you, if it has Tekcel on the label, nothing will phase it. These are undiluted production routers and they really can cut it!”

The new three-year warranty is effective immediately and will add significantly to an already appealing formula of capability and reliable operation.

Julian Sage concluded: “Anywhere there are quality measures to deliver and deadlines to meet, Tekcel routers will be found working and working hard. The new warranty can only add to something that clearly already has immense appeal to sign and graphics producers everywhere.”

For further information on Tekcel routers and the new warranty programme, visit:

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