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Tensator’s virtual assistant does the business

Tensator’s virtual assistant does the business

Tensator has introduced a new interactive feature to its Virtual Assistant Ultra range, bringing more choice to consumers.

Already known for creating a wow factor at airports, retail outlets, leisure venues, hospitals and public sector buildings, the unit is now available with an interactive button panel that enbles customers to interact with the unit for the first time, with a choice of eleven extra functions.

The buttons can be programmed for a wide variety of bespoke options, depending on the setting. For example, the unit can supply extra information on particular products for shoppers, advise patients on basic treatments, direct air passengers around terminals, play video presentations and answer a host of frequently asked questions.

With the additional benefit of presenting in a selection of different languages, the new feature is particularly beneficial for locations with a multi-cultural population.

The Virtual Assistant Ultra is Tensator’s most compact version in the range. With just a 50cm x 50cm footprint, it is designed to conveniently fit almost anywhere in a store, reception area or terminal building.


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