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The beauty of the wind

The beauty of the wind

3M has provided support to artist Andrew Lee, for his sculpture installation entitled ‘The Invisible Wind’, which was specially -commissioned for the new Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Flower Show at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.

Andrew has employed the colour-shifting effects of Dichroic Film from 3M in his ‘Flags’ sculpture. The 201 ‘flags’ each align themselves with the direction of the wind and enable the viewer to see the patterns of shifting currents and vortexes present in the invisible air. The Dichroic Film is unique in that it gradually changes from one colour to another, so when a new direction of air flow occurs it is represented by a distinctive colour change.

Andrew has exhibited with the RHS before, and notably, was co-designer for a show garden called ‘See the Wind’ which won an RHS Gold Medal at the 2014 RHS Flower Show, at Tatton Park.

2017 is the inaugural Chatsworth House Flower Show, initiated by the RHS as a showcase for artistic innovation, pushing forward the boundaries of garden design and outdoor spaces. Andrew Lee was among several accomplished artists who worked alongside garden designers to develop attractive and inspiring exhibits for the event.

Pen Webley Marketing Team Leader at 3M, commented, “We are delighted that Andrew chose Dichroic Film to express his ideas and we hope that ‘The Invisible Wind’, which conveys his feeling for this amazing aspect of nature, can also inspire other creative, such as interior designers and architects to use this material in their own projects.”

Dichroic Film from 3M is flexible, formable, and can be applied to various substrates, such as laminated glass, to replicate the visual effects of dichroic glass at a fraction of the cost.  It is available in gold-blue or copper-bronze colour options, which transition between warm yellow/magenta/blue, or cool magenta/blue/aqua colours respectively, depending on the viewing angle and ambient lighting. The non-metallic, corrosion-free film does not interfere with equipment such as mobiles or Wi-Fi, and is supported by a long-term manufacturer’s guarantee.

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