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The right fix

The right fix

Using the flexibility and strength of Button-fix fastenings, the materials specialist, Surface Matter has created a wall of interchangeable materials and a reconfigurable work hub in its London studio.

Working with exciting surface materials and pushing the boundaries of material use, Surface Matter researches, curates and distributes materials to architects, fabricators and designers. Seeking to educate the true capabilities of materials, Surface Matter endeavours to present high quality materials that ‘make the job’ not ‘do the job’.

The company’s studio in London is therefore constantly evolving; with new sample materials added and showcased every day on a large, Mondrian style, material feature wall.

A place to explore, collaborate and experience new materials, it was of significant importance that the materials used to decorate the wall could be easily replaced, rearranged and taken down for closer inspection.

Discovering the Button-fix fastening whilst the innovative fixing was still in development, Surface Matter knew the exact solution required to create its interchangeable material wall.

Jane Campbell, Marketing Director at Surface Matter said: “Having previously used Button-fix on a collapsible exhibition panel that travelled across Europe, we knew that the fixings would be ideal for securing material samples to the wall.

“Making it easy to unclip and remove, replace or rearrange the panels, the Button-fix fastening system is ideal for our wall, which is consistently updated when we’re introduced to new materials!”

Used to panel the wall with large material samples, four Button-fix fastenings were used per panel, with more than 200 Type 1 and 2 Fixes used throughout the studio.

An extremely diverse product, Button-fix fastenings can be used in parallel, 90o connections, horizontal and vertical applications. Type 1 Fix fastenings are ideal for screw fixing parallel panels, where proven strength and invisibility is paramount. Type 2 Fixes connect 90o panels; ideal for concealing pipework or cabling as the Fix requires no clearance around the panel for removal for access to the services.

For a fast onsite installation, the Fix can be surface-mounted on the panel. When no gap is required behind the panel, Button-fix gives the option of a rebated mounting. This was the method chosen to create the large focus wall in the Surface Matter studio.


Recognising the unique flexibility of the product, Surface Matter also used Button-fix fastenings to create a reconfigurable work hub.

Comprising four desks, the reconfigurable workspace enables the desks to be rearranged depending on the workplace requirements, and then safely secured.

Jane Campbell explains, “The use of Button-fix for our rearrangeablework hub is a perfect example of how diverse the products are. Creating a low cost, easy to arrange work space with invisible fastenings, the Surface Matter workspace can now be easily adapted for the wide variety of services we provide.

“The positive feedback we receive surrounding the material wall and our experience working with a variety of new and innovative materials, means we do not hesitate in recommending Button-fix fastenings to architects, fabricators and fitters.”

Julie Freedman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Button-fix said, “Panelling applications, such as the feature wall at Surface Matter, are a great demonstration of the original design ideas that can be achieved through the use of invisible, secure fastening systems.

“Extremely versatile and capable of accurately aligning panels, Button-fix ensures that creative designs can become a reality.”

For further information on Button-fix, visit: or follow @ButtonfixUK on Twitter

For further information on Surface Matter, visit:

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