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The Wrap Shop selects a Summa F cutter

The Wrap Shop selects a Summa F cutter

To further complement its portfolio of carefully selected digital printing technology, which includes three Roland roll-to-roll printers, two Versacamms and one Soljet Pro 4 XR-640, Essex-based cross-media print & graphics production company The Wrap Shop, recently invested in a flatbed Summa F cutter from printMAX.

For co-founder Steve Hart it was a simple decision. He explained: “Ever since I saw what the Summa F could do at the recent Sign & Digital Show, I’ve wanted one. Logically we didn’t need a flatbed cutter, but when I saw how the machine could work with an 8 x 4 ft sheet of material, I knew it had great potential. The model we sourced from printMAX can even handle 10 x 5ft sheets of Foamex and Dibond, and 50m rolls of vinyl. We had to have it!

“The Wrap Shop specialises in all aspects of vehicle graphics and wrapping. We also design, produce, and install architectural graphics for the office and home, including windows, walls and floors. However, to date, we have been producing a lot of customised vehicle chevron kits and thanks to that work we could afford to invest in the new Summa cutter.”

Steve continued: “Ever since we started, we have maintained our business vision of exceeding customer expectation, backed by practical investment in the best technology. We ascertain what our customers really want to do and then discuss with them how we can fulfil their needs. We like to go that little bit further and a key part of that is investigating whether there are ways in which we can produce better, more impactful work more cost-effectively.

“By bringing the Summa cutter into our workshop we have increased our productivity, streamlined workflow and improved quality control. And, because the production process is now all in-house, we can finish the work better and faster, which means we can meet increasingly hectic deadlines.

“The bottom line is, we depend on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients to keep the workflow constant; and to keep clients happy we invest in the best tools for the job, tools that enable us to bring our imagination and experience to bear on every project. People expect nothing less than our best, and providing it is at the heart of the team’s job satisfaction.”

Summa cutters recently joined a printMAX portfolio that includes Roland, Mimaki and HP printers. Chris Martin, printMAX Head of Sales, explained how his company’s expertise has served The Wrap Shop: “We have been long-term suppliers for the company, supplying Steve with everything from his first Roland VP300 back in 2008, to this latest acquisition, the Summa F cutter.

“The Wrap Shop is a product of its own success. As the scale of its work has grown and the demands on its machines increased, the company has invested in the best technology to meet that growth. As a specialist reseller, printMAX has always been there to help ensure Steve gets the best return on his investment.

“The Wrap Shop is an interesting case, if not unique in that it uses roll-fed printers and most Summa F cutters are installed at companies that use flatbeds. However, Steve had seen the cutter in action and could visualise its potential in terms of improving productivity, which has proved to be the case.”

Steve Hart concluded: “I’ve known and worked with printMAX for a long time and, when I told Chris Martin I was looking at investing in a Summa F and he told me they were on the printMAX stock list, the whole thing became very straightforward.

“I trust printMAX to look after my technical requirements; it always has in the past and I will always use it in the future. My customers know I will go that little bit further to meet their needs and I feel I get the same service from printMAX.”

For further information on The Wrap Shop visit:

 For further information on printMAX or to book a demonstration with one of the technical consultants, e-mail or telephone 01420 511539

 Photographs courtesy of Charlotte Crampton.

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