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TheMagicTouch collaborates with Regatta

TheMagicTouch collaborates with Regatta

TheMagicTouch, experts in image transfer technology recently joined forces with Regatta, a leading UK outdoor clothing brand to  establish the best options for decorating Regatta’s growing garment range.

During a two week period, the TheMagicTouchtechnical team used the existing 123Flex, MagiCut Flock, Reflective, Printable Soldark and full colour WoW transfer products to produce produce an extensive range of transfers.

Traditionally,embroidery has been used to decorate outdoor clothing and whilst this will continue, the growing demand for full colour logos, personalisation, lower order size and quicker turnaround is better served byTheMagicTouch transfer process, which offers a flexible and quality option for all garment decorators.

The range of garments includedthose made from soft-shell, polyamide, down insulated, water-repellent polyesters and Isotex waterproof performance materials.

One key factor established during the research was the necessity to avoid any marking or scorching whilst applying the transfers using the traditional heat press method, which is particularly important as many of the new polyester and performance fabrics are very sensitive to heat and pressure.  Howeverby reducing application temperatures to110-120c, this issue has been solved.

TheMagicTouch offers some great alternative options at very affordable prices in in terms of both hardware and consumables.

For further information or any technical support issues with any garment e-mail TheMagicTouch at: or visit:

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