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There’s strong and there’s NovaBond strong!

There’s strong and there’s NovaBond strong!


In a bid to demonstrate the performance of its high strength adhesive tape, Innova Solutions challenged competing strongmen to separate two steel plates that had been fixed together using one of its premium NovaBond products.

The event selected for this challenge was the Trawden Show, a prestigious Lancashire agriculturalevent, where Innova Solutions was the sponsorof the show’s first ever strongman competition. However, despite the offer of a cash prize of £500, some of the competitors accepted the challenge, only to later withdraw, even though they had already previously pulled a Kubota M9960 tractor that weighed over 2500kg!

Commenting on their notable lack of enthusiasm, Glenn Dunleavey, Managing Director of Innova Solutions said: “We were confident that the competitors wouldn’t come close to breaking the bond, even though some of them were of the same calibre as the event’s referee, Mark Felix, a regular entrant to the World’s Strongest Man competition, who has also won numerous international strong man titles. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and we’re willing to test them against anything or anyone!”


The daunting challenge involved the separation of two steel plates that had been sealed together using NovaBondSignFix OP110G, a grey foamed acrylic tape with a paper liner. The NovaBond range, which was created to withstand extreme temperature, water and most solvents and chemicals, features a firmer acryliccore that provides incredible peel strength and superior holding power, as proven by the competitors and indeed, Mark Felix himself, who has a deadlift of  893lbs and was tempted to demonstrate his prowess by the lure of the cash prize.

However, NovaBond was able to withstand even this threat to its efficacy, with a crestfallen Mark declaring:  “No chance! There’s no way I can do that!  In fact, it’s much easier to move a tractor!”

With that, he left it to the other competitors, who were equally unsuccessful in their attempts, thus proving, not for the first time, that there’s strong and then there’s NovaBond strong!

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