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Think inkjet, think Agfa

Think inkjet, think Agfa
With a stand that will be themed ‘Think Inkjet. Think Agfa’, Agfa will show FESPA Global Print Expo visitors its latest innovations and all the reasons to opt for them in Berlin on 31st May -3rd June.

Vincent Wille, President of AGFA’s Digital Print & Chemicals Division, said: “We keep improving and expanding our print solutions as we are passionate about enabling sign and display companies throughout the world to produce unique and striking prints – at the right throughput and the right price

“FESPA visitors looking to advance their businesses should definitely stop by the Agfa stand. We invite them to experience our large-format inkjet printing demos and to get inspired by our extensive variety of print samples. Most of all, our inkjet experts look forward to exploring together how our integrated offering of printers, inks, software, training and services can meet printing companies’ needs and further their growth. A variety of print applications will take centre stage and provide plenty of food for thought.”

The Jeti Tauro H3300 HS LED is the latest member of Agfa’s 3.3-metre heavy-duty hybrid inkjet printer family. It offers producers of corrugated cardboard displays the option to add a layer of glossy or matt varnish – either applied to the entire surface (flood varnish) or to selected spots (spot varnish). The varnish embellishes prints with a fine luxury look, while also protecting them to some extent. Just like its siblings, this hybrid high-end Jeti Tauro is geared to fast and reliable 24/7 print production of outstanding quality, featuring multiple automation options.

The 3.2 m Avinci CX3200 dye-sublimation printer produces consistently vibrant high-quality prints on a wide range of polyester-based fabrics for indoor or outdoor soft signage, interior decoration, and fashion items. Being able to print directly to fabric is easy and fast, and ideal for applications such as flags, which require see-through. Yet the Avinci can also print on transfer paper, which is perfect for obtaining super-sharp backlit applications with deep blacks, as well as for handling really stretchy fabrics. It also limits set-off and media waste.

The Oberon RTR3300 is a sturdy 3.3 m roll-to-roll machine that combines excellent print quality and high throughput with unique ease of use. Featuring UV LED curing and a water-cooled print plate, it tackles even the most heat-sensitive flexible materials. Its dual-roll option enables efficient printing on two smaller media rolls.

Also on display will be Agfa’s workflow software Asanti, which seamlessly interlinks the entire print production flow and minimises manual interventions and errors. Its browser-based Production Dashboard interfaces with MIS/ERP systems to fine-tune quotes and post-calculations as it monitors production time, and ink and media consumption. The latest version (v5) includes efficiency-increasing features such as the automated ganging of jobs, as well as dedicated features for packaging production.

Agfa’s industrial inkjet specialists will also be at FESPA to discuss how the integration of inkjet printing in industrial production environments will lead to more versatility and improved cost-efficiency.

Agfa offers complete industrial inkjet printing systems, such as InterioJet, a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on décor paper for laminate production, and Alussa, a state-of-the-art inkjet printing technology that enables the creation of stunning and lasting designs on genuine leather. Both systems were recently rewarded by the European Digital Press association.

In direct relationship with OEM partners, print head manufacturers, system integrators and end-users, Agfa also develops high-performance UV and water-based industrial inkjet inks for a wide array of applications across a number of market sectors. These inks are used in state-of-the-art, and often custom-made printing equipment that is integrated into existing manufacturing processes.

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