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Thrice as nice!

Thrice as nice!

Blaze Neon has recently taken delivery of its third Tekcel 2m x 3m router. Supplied exclusively by Complete CNC Solutions, the new Tekcel system was installed last December at Blaze Neon’s Broadstairs manufacturing site, alongside its previous Tekcel 2m x 3m router.

Established in 1981, Blaze Neon designs, manufactures, installs and maintains all types of signs for many of the best known high street names in the retail and banking sectors.  As a result, it is constantly managing major signage projects throughout the UK and across Europe and has recently successfully completed a re-brand for one of the major high street banks. To ensure its clients always receive the highest levels of quality and service, Blaze operates two manufacturing sites, incorporating Cygnia Maintenance and as a Group employs a workforce of 300 highly skilled people. Continued investment, in both personnel and cutting edge technology means that Blaze can undertake all aspects of sign work in-house, an approach that has kept it at the top of its game for the past 30 years.

In 2008, Blaze updated the existing CNC routing facility at its Birmingham base with the installation of a Tekcel 2m x 3m CNC router, which delivered a range of new production features that Blaze had been unable to access with its previous CNC machines. These included a powerful, 10hp HSD spindle motor, capable of changing its tools automatically, digital servo technology and ballscrew drives on all axis, thus enabling the Tekcel router to deliver and maintain pinpoint precision and optimum production speeds over their entire lifetime. Having been in situ for over six years, the Tekcel router has more than lived up to its reputation of being a ‘high production workhorse’ often operating around the clock.

Based on this performance record, Blaze ordered a second Tekcel VSR 2m x 3m router in 2011, in order to update the CNC facility at its manufacturing base in Broadstairs, Kent. However, in addition to all the features Blaze had been accustomed to, the new machine was also fitted with the Tekcel Opticam ‘Cut to Print’ registration camera system option, to assist with the accurate profile cutting of digitally printed sheet materials.

Due to an anticipated increased workload this year, Blaze subsequently ordered its third Tekcel VSR 2m x 3m router from Complete CNC Solutions, which was delivered, installed and commissioned all in one day, and is now operating alongside the previously installed Tekcel machine in a purpose built router room, where its 1Kw brushless digitally encoded servo motors on all axis, now drive the ever reliable and accurate ball screw technology.  Other new features include a fully automated dust foot, vacuum hold down, tool length sensing and extraction and mist coolant features, together with its newly released motion control system. Designed and built in-house, this unique motion controller takes care of the most demanding data processing tasks and boasts the most advanced router technology control system available.

Both Tekcel routers now also benefit from the high performance solid carbide, single flute tooling, cutters and accessories also supplied by Complete CNC Solutions, which help Blaze to maintain its high standards of edge quality finish when cutting materials which range from acrylics, ACM, PVC Foam and MDF to wood and aluminium.

Unsurprisingly, with such a potent combination of technology and experience, Blaze’s services are much sought after, but with its enhanced CNC facility Blaze is ready for whatever new challenges await it in 2014!

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