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A ton of lighting!

A ton of lighting!


Manufactured in Germany by Majert, the Chiplite LED sign lighting solution will shortly be further upgraded by the introduction of a larger number of modules per string to increase the product’s competitiveness within the UK sign and display market. This development follows the earlier re-branding of the popular CL-X1 module as CL-XOL to signify the performance-enhancing features made available at that time.

Providing an enhanced optical capability, the CL-XOL system incorporates two SMD LED modules that are constant current driven and soldered to form, for the present, a chain of 30 LED modules. This number will now be increased to 100 modules as a result of the latest upgrade. The system carries the CE/EN 55015 seal of approval and is RoHS-certified. The CL-XOL also incorporates an IP65-rated transparent housing for optimum safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Of special interest to sign manufacturers is the system’s XM module’s ability to accommodate more effectively difficult-to-fit corner or serif requirements due its very small size that measures just 30 x seven millimetres.

Chip-Lite4_ret_CL_EL1Special optics fitted within the CL-XO module provides an extra-wide 160-degree angle of radiated light. This enables the system’s use in light boxes as well as for the illumination of sign lettering with a very low depth (typically as small as 30mm).

Another significant innovation for UK sign manufacturers is the Chiplite CL-EL1 module. This was developed specifically for illuminating double-sided light boxes via the grid without the need to illuminate both sides of the light box. Due to its compact size, the system can also be used in double-sided circular banners, with the intensity of radiated light varied simply by either pushing the LED modules together or pulling them apart.

Chiplite LED systems are backed by a powerful and comprehensive five-year performance warranty, a large stockholding capability and 24-hour delivery.

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