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Tool up!

Tool up!

In addition to a wide range of vinyl, textile and digital media, DoroTape offers a vast array of tools and accessories designed to perform differently for specific applications.

For example, the company supplies seven different application tapes, including four paper and three filmic varieties and a lay flat textured tape.

It also supplies a range of cleaning products for surface preparation prior to material application. These include a liquid to remove silicon-based substances, an anti-static cleaner that is ideal for use on plastic and glass surfaces and an application fluid called Float-on that is specifically designed to assist the repositioning and application of vinyl graphics.

In addition to an assortment of specially selected knives, squeegees, banner fixings and double-sided tapes, DoroTape also supplies time saving accessories. Typically, these include mounting magnets that represent a quick and easy way of applying graphics to the sides of vehicles and the flexible plastic Speed Clips that are ideal for holding roll materials together without the need for tape.

It has also recently sourced a selection of vehicle wrapping tools. These include the new WrapCut, a vehicle wrap trimming tape constructed of a narrow, flexible adhesive strip that features an exceptionally strong filament, which is attached to the adhesive side in close proximity to the tape edge. The filament becomes a cutting tool when pulled separately outward through the film of the material applied on top of the tape. Not only will the tape produce sharp straight lines but also it can also be used to cut curved shapes around door handles, locks and recessed panels. Furthermore, with no knife required there is no danger of damage to a vehicle’s underlying paintwork.


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