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A touch of brilliance

A touch of brilliance

Renowned for its innovative products, 3M offers architects and interior designers 3M DI-NOC surface finishes and Dichroic colour-change films that can add a fresh and vibrant dimension to new build and refurbishment projects.

Available in over 500 different patterns and colours, DI-NOC is a high-quality self-adhesive laminate film that can be added to a wide range of commonly used substrates to replicate the appearance of wood grain, stone, stucco, metal, leather and carbon fibre, at a fraction of the cost. It can be applied to flat or curved surfaces and carries a 12-year warranty for indoor and a five-year warranty for outdoor applications. The film has also been tested to meet current IMO flammability requirements.

3M DI-NOC films are made from flexible cast PVC and incorporate 3M’s renowned Comply adhesive. The film is also water- and weather-resistant, easy to maintain and purposely remove as required.

The main characteristic of dichroic glass is an ability to provide both transmitted colour and a completely different reflective colour that shifts and shimmers dependent on the angle of viewing. It is available in Chill and Blaze colours for application to glass, plastic or acrylic surfaces as a visual opaque or decorative graphic. The Chill version shifts colours from the transmitted cool tones of blue, magenta and yellow to the reflective colours of gold and blue, while the Blaze version shifts colours from the warm tones of cyan, blue and magenta to red and gold. The colours seen by the viewer from either side of the glass surface are influenced by the environment, lighting, angle of viewing and mounting surface colour.

Depending on the application, users of the film can opt for the DF-Chill and DF-Blaze film only version or the DF-A Chill and DF-A Blaze version that can also be printed in order to incorporate logos and special effects. Whereas these two products are recommended for use only on plastic or acrylic surfaces, the third product in the range (DF-PA Chill and DF-PA Blaze) can be used on any smooth glass surface. This film is not printable and incorporates a pressure-sensitive adhesive.


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