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A touch of silver

A touch of silver

From a hardware perspective, Mimaki printers, cutters and consumables available in the UK from Hybrid Services provide a host of creative options. However, it is through the availability of a range of compatible ink technologies that it is possible to create a vast range of special effects, with Metallic, White and Latex inks being the most widely used for this purpose.

Since the arrival of Mimaki’s eco-solvent Silver ink option, combined with standard process colours, printers have been able to create stunning and eye-catching tones in bronze, titanium, copper or gold. This particular ink is compatible with Mimaki JV33 and CJV30 roll-fed printers used typically for applications such as vehicle wraps and decals.

Whether used with the Metallic ink option, or simply in conjunction with standard process colours, the addition of the White ink option is significant. Printing to clear materials backed up with an in-register white overlay adds opacity to the colours to enable sharp and high definition results. This is particularly noticeable when producing window graphics or acrylic photo blocks that would otherwise lose depth. Furthermore, white ink can create striking images when printed onto coloured substrates whilst imparting incredible vibrancy to colours when used as an underlay on non-white materials.

The latest Latex ink range accommodates the increasingly popular area of customised wallpaper production. In conjunction with the Mimaki JV400LX printer, Latex inks can be used to print sumptuous wall coverings, enabling sign and graphics producers to engage effectively with the interior décor market and therefore attract new high-end customers.

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