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Traffic friendly sign materials

Traffic friendly sign materials

In July this year the European mandate was enforced, requiring all manufacturers and suppliers of traffic signs to conform to the essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive.

In practice, this means that traffic sign manufacturers must now have their products assessed by a third party in order to meet the performance requirements of the relevant standard. The reflective film used for the product must be CE marked according to the Construction Products Directive.

Accordingly, ORAFOL Europe offers a full line of CE marked reflective films, covering all relevant grades of reflectivity. The line includes products ranging from high end prismatic films, to engineer grade materials, thus CE marked options are available for all relevant traffic sign applications.

The portfolio of CE marked films includes:
ORALITE® 6910 Brilliant Grade (class RA3, design C)
ORALITE® 5910 High Intensity Prismatic Grade (class RA2, design C)
ORALITE® 5810 High Intensity Grade (class RA2, design B)
ORALITE® 5710 Engineer Grade Premium (class RA1, design A)
ORALITE® 5510 Engineer Grade (class RA1, design A)

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