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Tripling capacity

Tripling capacity


Essex-based Access360, a specialist exhibition, experiential marketing and interiors company, which has recently acquired a new HP Latex 370 from City and West End Solutions, reported that the new printer provides it with triple the production capacity of its old machine.

Commenting on this new purchase, Director Dave Pimlott explained: “Our main focus is the provision of interior decoration, including window manifestations and the production of digital wallpaper, for both individual stores and retailchains across the UK and Europe, and with the volume of this business increasing week on week, we needed to invest in a new fast and reliable printer in order to meet the growing demand.”

He continued: “When I spoke to Graham De Kock at CWE Solutions and explained what we required, he suggested the HP Latex 370, whichas well as providing the speed and reliability we needed, also offers the extra advantage of environmentally-friendly Latex printing as stipulated by many of our clients.  This and the machine’s competitive price not only ensured that it ticked all of the right boxes; it’s also meant that we had some money left over to invest in a specialist Onyx Thrive RIP too. This has provided us with more control over the image output and colour, while also helping to achieve higher speed printing. For example, with our old RIP, a typical bespoke wallpaper would probably take around 20 minutes to process, but with the Onyx, it only takes a couple of minutes!”

The speed of Onyx RIP is backed up by the print speed and reliability of the HP Latex 370 itself, and since the printer was installed in July, Access360 has enjoyed 100 percentreliability with no colour issues or spoilage.

Dave observed:  “In the past we would have issues such as colour inconsistencies on a daily basis, but we’ve had no such problems with the new HP. You don’t realise quite how much time you’re losing and how much that impacts on the bottom line, but with its improved speed and reliability the HP has tripled the production capacity of our old solvent printer.”

The 64 inch, six colour The HP Latex 370 is a 64-inch wide, six colour machine that offers low running costs low, and facilitates both unattended printing and the ability to change cartridges on the fly.  Printing at up to 1200 dpi, it uses water-based inks to deliver sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high-efficiency curing, and can print onto traditional signmaking substrates such as vinyl and banners, as well as temporary textiles, canvas and wallpapers. Quality is maintained at high speed, and output is instantly dry, offering the level of scratch resistance associated with third generation Latex inks.


Dave concluded: “In today’s corporate world the focus is on brightening up the workplace by making it more inviting and comfortable for staff. The HP Latex 370 is perfect for this sort of work,as it produces top quality, robust output and is great at matching pantone colours with incredible accuracy. I have to say that it is the first printer we’ve bought that lives up to its spec– and that really is saying something!”

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