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Trotec introduces a larger laser

Trotec introduces a larger laser

Trotec Laser has introduced its largest, most powerful flat bed laser cutter, the SP1500, which was recently showcased in the UK for the first time at the company’s South East showroom in Guildford. 

Especially designed with signmakers and stone engravers in mind, this CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine is the perfect tool for demanding and versatile applications. The 400-watt laser can cut through thick acrylic, wood and plastic and has a robust flatbed that can handle large plates and sheet material. Plus, with the addition of the heavy load table, the SP1500 can process objects up to 50kg in weight, making it ideal for use with granite plates, marble tiles and even tombstones.

The SP10500 has a working are of 1500 x 1250mm, making it suitable for a full standard size sheet of acrylic. It can be used on substrates up to 185mm high and has a 7.5 inch lens, making it the perfect choice when cutting thick material.

Further, its InPack Technology protects inner components, creating a virtually maintenance free laser, while head-mounted extraction removes debris whilst cutting and intelligent path control reduces cutting time.

To see one of the first demonstrations on this new laser technology, Tel: 0191 417 4505 or e-mail or visit: for further information

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