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Twenty Four Seven get the complete package

Twenty Four Seven get the complete package

As a sign and print company that specialises in working with festival and concert promotion companies, Twenty Four Seven Design and Print delivers a complete publicity package that comprises everything from leaflets, instruction booklets and general PoS material, to safety banners and road signs, all of which can now be finished on its new DYSS digital cutting system supplied by AG/CAD.

First established in 1997, Twenty Four Seven initially offered screenprinting services, but has since added both litho and digital printing to its repertoire. Company Director Alan Burton explained: “We are primarily a solutions-based company that offers turnkey packages to our clients.Our key aim is to continually reduce costs and we achieve this by investing in the latest equipment and technology.”

Most recently, this has included the acquisition of wide format Mimaki JV3 and JV33 roll printers, an Océ Arizona flatbed, an Océ ColorWave poster printer and a DYSS X7-1630 Superhead digital cutter.Commenting upon the purchase of the latter, Alan Burton said: “We recognised that there was a growing demand for bespoke print projects, single source supply and, more recently, the requirement for a JIT supply chain. Accordingly, we invested in a Xerox AP5000 and a Canon Imagepress for SRA3 digital work, but customers were also demanding large format printing and the use of diverse range of media, including acrylics, vinyl, card, foamboards and floor graphics.We subcontracted the cutting of the more geometrically challenging items and hand-cut the simpler stuff in-house, but bothoptionswere time consuming, created bottlenecks and put pressure on the workflow and JIT supply chain.


“In order to alleviate this, we looked at a variety of digital cutters and decided that the DYSS X7-1630 Superhead machine from AG/CAD was very robust and well priced and offered the added advantage that it came complete with KASEMAKE software. In addition,as AG/CAD is quite local to us, we felt confident thatit would be able to provide a high level of service – although thus far, we haven’t experienced any issues at all.

“During the short time since the machine’s installation, we’ve not only improved the quality, consistency and precision of our products, we have also significantly reduced the degree of manual labour required for many jobs. Furthermore, at least 20 percent of our investment isalready justified by the elimination of the subcontracted cutting costs.”

He cites, as an example of the cutter’s prowess, a recently completed project that involved the production of graphics to fit onthe elevator doors at the Liverpool 1 retail complex. The 14 sets of graphics would have taken over one and half hours to finish by hand, but the DYSS X7, which offers a 3m x 1.6m bed size, completed the task in less than 15 minutes.

Alan continued: “More and more customers want to consolidate their supply chain by using one supplier or marketing agency to provide a complete package. In the case of the Liverpool 1 Centre, we produced window stickers, table top pop-ups, PoS materials, gift cards and wallets, elevator artwork and even booklets and shopping centre guides, thus further cementing our position as a leading supplier.

“The KASEMAKE CAD software is also providing us with a clear advantage. For example, some of the recent proposals we have submitted have been accompanied with complete PDF visuals and MP4 movie virtual walk-throughs of the shopping centre showing our proposed designs and artwork in situ.The impact of this 3D tool is a huge advantage at the quoting stage.”


Alan Burton With DYSS X7 at 247 print

Twenty Four Seven specified the DYSS X7-1630 with the automatic roll feed and conveyor system, which provides a seamless transition of printed rolls from the Océ Arizona through to the DYSS for finishing. It also works in harmony with the K-CUT vision system to guarantee unprecedented levels of precision and parallel alignment when cutting rolls beyond the length of the machine bed and is a frequently used facility, as Twenty Four Seven often print and cut batches of 30 plus banners that can vary in size from 8ftx 2ft foot to considerably longer.

Alan Burton concluded: “We chose the DTSS X7 for a number of reasons, but none was more important than the capability and potential of the KASEMAKE system. This software is really helping us to future proof our business and, coupled with the robust and reliable digital cutter, it provides an unbeatable package.”

For further information on the full portfolio of DYSS digital cutters, visit:

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