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Two Sides polices misleading ‘go green’ claims

Two Sides polices misleading ‘go green’ claims


Two Sides, the global initiative to promote the sustainability of print and paper, reports a 61 percent success rate in removing misleading environmental claims made by some of the world’s biggest corporations as they seek to replace paper-based communications with lower cost electronic alternatives.

Two Sides research into more than 600 of the world’s leading corporations, including banks, utilities, telecoms and insurance giants, has shown that a total of 460 of those companies have been using misleading and unsubstantiated environmental statements, despite specific advertising legislation to protect consumers in many countries. To date, 278 of those companies have removed such statements as a result of ongoing engagement by Two Sides.

Martyn Eustace, Chairman of Two Sides UK, said: “We’re really pleased that Two Sides is having such a significant effect on some of the world’s largest and most influential organisations. But there is no room for complacency, and there is still a great deal of work to do with the remaining companies that continue to mislead their customers.”

Internationally, Two Sides teams are continuing to tackle greenwash in their respective countries, and this has yielded positive results.

Jonathan Tame, Country Manager, Two Sides UK, added “We have an active campaign to research and remove Greenwash in the UK, with a very encouraging response. 83 percent of all companies we have engaged have agreed to remove misleading messages, and in many cases, we have helped organisations amend their marketing communication guidelines.”

Martyn Eustace concluded: “Consumers should not be misled and encouraged to go ‘paperless’ through the use of misleading ‘green’ marketing. The environmental and social benefits of paper are being overlooked by these false and damaging messages. Based on our consumer surveys, the majority of consumers recognise that paper is a renewable and recyclable product that, if responsibly produced and used, can be a sustainable way to communicate, while also providing real benefits of tangibility, authenticity and authority that can be lacking in electronic communications. Forests are a precious and growing resource, and the forest and paper industries are some of their most important guardians.”


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