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Two signs collapse in Tooting in 24 hours

Two signs collapse in Tooting in 24 hours

Tooting in South London was the scene of two serious incidents involving signs this week.

In the first a four-tonne digital advertising billboard operated by Clear Channel fell from the side of a building during morning rush hour and pinned a woman to the ground.  Witnesses said she was ‘lucky to be alive’. She was taken to St George’s Hospital in Tooting where, it was reported, she was treated for hip and leg injuries.

Later the same day a fascia sign installed above a stationer’s shop just yards away, crashed to the ground narrowly missing two pedestrians.

In the first incident, the digital billboard has only been installed on the wall above a charity shop for a couple of days and had replaced a wooden hoarding which had been in place for some years.  Owners Clear Channel has launched an investigation into the accident and is also carrying out checks on 39 other sites in the UK.

Local councillors in Tooting called for safety checks on signs and billboards throughout the area following the second accident.

David Catanach, Director of the BSGA, said that the two accidents in Tooting were the latest in a spate of incidents involving signs.  “It is not for us to speculate about the reasons for these accidents – the statutory authorities will determine the causes.

“However, both incidents highlight once again the vital role signmakers and installers have in protecting the public and the BSGA will continue to campaign for the highest standards in sign design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.”

“Our thoughts are with the lady who was injured and we wish her a speedy recovery,” he added.
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